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A 'fluffy' good time

Published: Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Updated: Friday, May 17, 2013 13:05


Comedian Gabriel Iglesias visited the Sun City April 24-25 at the Plaza Theatre.

Before beginning his show at 9:30 p.m., April 25, Gabriel Iglesias had to tell the sold out El Paso crowd one thing.

"I know I haven't been here in awhile, but hopefully this makes up for it," he said.

Iglesias was talking about the one hour Comedy Central special he was filming in the Sun City. Based on the standing ovation he received following his 75-minute performance, Iglesias made up for it.

Not only did he give his second home a knock-out comedy show, but he showcased it for the entire world to see, including the now world wide famous Chico's Tacos.

"I have to thank the person who left me two cakes and an order of Chico's Tacos in the back," he said, which gained a roaring applause from the crowd.

The comedian, who doesn't shy away from free food, was quick to mention Chico's provided something he'd never encountered in his life.

"I never thought I'd see the day when I drank a taco," he said.

The crowd loved it and knew what he was talking about, but what about the television audience?

"Check out the bonus features part of the DVD," he said winking to the camera. "It's all explained."

Yet, even after two evening shows, the 32-year old comedian still had energy to come back out for an encore, to the surprise of some audience members who were already leaving their seats.

"Tio, my show's not done yet, why are you leaving?," he said as he pointed at an elderly looking man in the front section.

After the crowd settled down from the small quip, he asked a question, "Do you mind hearing some old jokes,?" Iglesias said.

There was never a doubt in anyone's mind; the crowd gave an emphatic round of applause and a collective yes. Soon after, he was fielding requests for his famous "donut" and "chocolate cake" stories.

"I'm going to warn you guys, my girlfriend hates this (chocolate cake) story because it involves an ex," Iglesias said with a scowl.

It was sort of a tense moment because minutes before he mentioned that his mother and girlfriend were in attendance and had them stand for the crowd.

A few seconds later, he said, "O.K. guys, you ready?"

It was great timing and gave way for another 15 minutes of laughs for those who decided to stay in their seats.

Patrick O'Brien, who flew from Virginia Beach to watch "Pikachu," was pleased with the performance.

"He's one of my favorite comedians," said the 24-year old O'Brien, who dawned a fluffy twin outfit to mimic Iglesias' attire. "Even though we had a layover in Dallas, it was worth the wait."

As he finally said his last goodbyes, he made good on one of his promises that he mentioned during his skits.

"I'll be out in the lobby for anyone who wants to take a photo or wants an autograph," he said. "Just give me a few minutes to catch my breath; it's a long walk."

I doubt he planned on the long line, signing autographs and taking photos with fans for another two hours, but like he said, he wanted to make up for lost time.

"He looked really tired when he posed with us to take a picture," said 17-year old Mark Gallardo. "I was just glad I was able to meet him."

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