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Photo of the Day

  • Border Conference

    Border Conference Commences

      The fourth installment of the Border Conference on US-Mexico Competitiveness opened Aug. 7 at the UTEP Undergraduate Learning Center.   American and Mexican speakers representing leadership from the public, private and non-profit sectors are speaking about bi-national issues affecting the borderland.

  • Dreamer 1

    DREAMers go on summer road trip for immigration reform

    WASHINGTON - Steps away from the Capitol, DREAM rider Simon Jun spoke publically for the first time Wednesday about being an undocumented student in the U.S.

  • Debating abortion policy: the next chapter

    WASHINGTON – Since the 2010 midterm elections when Republicans regained control of the majority of state legislatures, there has been an increase in legislation dealing with abortion. These new laws set standards for abortion clinics, which critics say will cause the majority of clinics in some states to close. The laws also ban abortions after a certain point in pregnancy – many challenge the Supreme Court’s 1973 landmark abortion ruling.

  • UC

    Detour Construction Creates Obstacles for Students

    Altered landscapes await those who have taken a break from the university this summer as construction in preparation of UTEP’s centennial is underway. Some projects will be completed by the start of the fall semester, others will remain under construction.

Photo of the Day

  • Alpine 2

    Miners offense shines in first scrimmage of Kugler era

    Led by junior quarterback Jameill Showers, the Miners had a strong showing in their pre-season scrimmage in Alpine, Texas,as they managed to score on their very first drive.

    “It was nice to see that the team was able to execute the plays that we worked on and do it at a high level, so that is a big positive to start the scrimmage,” said offensive coordinator Patrick Higgins. “The decision-making is getting better, but we still need some improvements for the upcoming week.”

  • Soccer

    UTEP soccer begins preparation for upcoming season


    After reaching the conference final in 2011, the UTEP women's soccer team had a disappointing 2012 season, as the team failed to make the eight-team conference tournament that was held at the University Field in El Paso.

    The women’s soccer team finished with 10 wins and 10 loses, but had a 3-8 record in conference. The team had setbacks during the season including injuries and they dropped the last four games of the season, but head coach Kevin Cross said that experience is now a motivation for the team to work harder to have much better results.

  • Leslie

    Miners heading to Alpine for preseason camp


    With the start of the 2013 football season less than a month away, the Miners are headed to Alpine, Texas, for their preseason camp from Aug. 8-20.

    New head coach Sean Kugler, is ready to start a new era of football in El Paso and this camp will be full of changes, excitement and competition.

  • Coach Kugler

    Kugler and staff host 'Blitz and Glitz' to teach women all about football


    With the first game just weeks away, the UTEP head football coach Sean Kugler is getting everyone ready for the season, even the ladies.

    On July 26, Kugler, his coaching staff and a few of the UTEP players participated in the 2013 Blitz and Glitz, a clinic hosted by the UTEP Athletics and The City Magazine for women to learn the ins and outs of college football.

  • Coach Volleyball

    Watts ready for journey as head coach

    UTEP volleyball welcomed more than a hundred girls for its first volleyball camp of the summer along with new head coach, Holly Watts. Watts has assisted many of the nation’s top coaches and is ready to start working with the Miners.  “Everyone has been really welcoming and nice,” Watts said.

  • Coach Chavez

    Chavez plans to rebuild the El Paso Patriots

    The El Paso Patriots are starting from scratch and have brought a man familiar with the team and the city  to lead their new project. Francisco “Paco” Chavez, who led the team from 1996-2000, is back with a purpose and plans to make the Patriots a much more competitive team in the future.

  • Hamilton asks to be released, two others leave the Miners

    UTEP basketball took major blows as two players left the program and with five-star recruit guard Isaac Hamilton actively trying to break commitment from UTEP.

Photo of the Day

  • Alejandro

    The best experience yet

    Farewell, adios, see you later, alligator. There are many ways to say good-bye and writing a column is one of them. As you read this it may seem that I am writing a letter as I depart into the afterlife, but I am, essentially. I’m departing into the afterlife of being a UTEP student and a staff member of The Prospector.

  • Lorain

    It’s like WalMart, but better

    With the increased arts in the El Paso community, a new player has been added into the mix.  Originally an artists’ market, the Museum of Cultural Affairs Department has combined it with a farmers market and, introduced the new Downtown Artist and Farmers Market on June 8.

  • Staff

    Covering the Ciudad Juárez election

    The Ciudad Juárez elections for mayor were held July 7, with Enrique Serrano Escobar of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Partido Verde (PVEM) and Nueva Alianza (PANAL) coalition, taking the lead with 52.91 percent of the votes, according to preliminary results from the Instituto Estatal Electoral de Chihuahua.

  • Lorain

    Where’s the grub?

    It’s 5 p.m. and my stomach rumbles. I start thinking of options on campus where I can grab a quick bite but suddenly remember that it’s summer and nothing is open.

Photo of the Day

  • Autumn

    San Japan convention passes 11,000

        Shaggy blonde hair, fake samurai swords and shouts of “konnichiwa” echoed across the halls at the San Japan: Sinister 6 anime convention in San Antonio.   The sixth annual convention welcomed 11,077 fans between Aug. 16 and 18 of all genres of anime, manga and Japanese culture.

  • BB

    Breaking Bad: "Buried" recap

      Picking up immediately after the explosive ending of “Blood Money,” the second episode of the was another intense hour of television that further advances towards those final episodes of the series.   In the chilling opening scene, we got one of the few glimpses of Jesse during this episode.

  • The Sun City Girls

    The Sun City Girls: The first professional dance team in El Paso

    Currently creating the first professional dance team to represent the city to  visitors; CBE, an Artist Management  Company, will be holding registration and auditions on Aug. 17 at Memorial Gym at 6.a.m.  They hope to find 32 talented and committed women, who will be part of the first season of the Sun City Girls Dance Team.

  • Hyatt

    6th annual anime convention in San Antonio

    Editor’s note: This will be part of the San Japan series. Check back for other stories.  Shaggy blonde hair, fake samurai swords and “konnichiwa” echoing across the halls, San Japan: Sinister 6 takes over San Antonio for its sixth year.    The Henry B.

Photo of the Day

  • Patriots

    Patriots vs Aztex

    Highlights of the match between the EL Paso Patriots and the Austin Aztex. The Patriots tied the Aztex 2-2 on July 20, at Patriots Field.

  • Patriots vs Laredo Heat

    Ambient sound and stills capture the Highlights between the El Paso Patriot and the Laredo Heat. The Laredo Heat won 2-0 at Patriots Stadium.

  • Theatre

    Vultures at the Well

    The Border Theatre introduces their first, full-length original work "Vultures at the Well." A modern myth of a mother fighting for her son, this play follows a familiar plot-line of a hero's journey.  

  • Construction

    Photo Slideshow of Centennial Construction

    Altered landscapes await those who have taken a break from the university this summer as construction in preparation of UTEP's centennial is underway. Some projects will be completed by the start of the fall semester, others will remain under construction.

Photo of the Day

  • Ortega

    Julio Ortega presenta conferencia sobre Fuentes y fronteras

      Julio Ortega, director de Estudios Hispanos en Brown University, presentó su ponencia magistral, “Carlos Fuentes Entre Fronteras: México, EEUU y España en el Mapa Literario del Siglo XXI” el 8 de marzo en el UGLC.  La ponencia se realizó por el Departamento de Lenguas y Lingüística como parte de la serie de conferencias que se ofrecen para el centenario de la universidad y el XVIII Congreso de Literatura Mexicana Contemporánea en UTEP.

  • donaldson

    Sam Donaldson impartirá clase en UTEP

       Sam Donalson, ex alumno de UTEP y ex corresponsal de la Casa Blanca impartirá una clase de comunicación política este semestre en la escuela de comunicación de UTEP. “Establecimos un acuerdo extraoficial durante su visita el año pasado en donde decidimos que visitaría UTEP tres veces durante este semestre para enseñar mi clase de comunicación,” dijo Richard Pineda, profesor y director asociado del Centro de Estudios de Comunicación Sam Donaldson.

Photo of the Day