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Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updated: Friday, May 17, 2013 13:05

   Near the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend suggested that we designate a day out of the week and commit to having a date night to compensate for our busy schedules. After almost two years, it became a little bit of a tradition, Thursdays became Thursdate. It jus so happens that this coming Thursdate falls on Valentine’s Day so it makes it even more special. I can remember our last Valentine’s Day, and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us.

Last year, I got a good morning text and the butterflies kicked in. He told me how excited he was for the night and to have a good day. He worked all day, so I didn’t hear from him until after he finished his shift, but I decided to skip my last class in order to spend more time with him.

The plans for the night were a surprise, but I didn’t expect anything too extravagant. Maybe just the usual dinner and a movie. Maybe not. But I was anticipating a great night nonetheless. As I walked past my last class, my excitement was at an all time high. He was already on his way to pick me up and I patiently waited at the spot, eager to begin the night.

In the car, I immediately began to interrogate him about the upcoming plans. He didn’t say a word except, “Just wait and see.” We laughed and talked about our day until he pulled up in front of one of my favorite restaurants. We walked into the packed restaurant. I noticed a few uncomfortable stares from our fellow restaurant patrons. Is it really that strange to see two guys having dinner on Valentine’s? But I ignored them. They did not matter.

We ordered our favorite dishes and continued to talk and laugh over a few drinks. Much to his disapproval, I decided that we watch the latest horror film after dinner. He did say it was my choice. Scary movies are not his favorite.

Too stuffed for desert, we had one more drink before we headed to the movie. In the car, he pulled out a wrapped box from the back seat and gave it to me. I smiled and ripped the wrapping paper off the box. That one pair of shoes that I had been eyeing at the mall for a while stared back at me. He knows me too well. I screamed with joy and pulled his present out of my backpack. A new watch to add to his collection. I know him too well. He adjusted the watch to his wrist while I pulled my shoes on.

We arrived at the theater and avoided the ticket lines by picking up our tickets inside. We got the biggest tub of popcorn and largest soda available. There was no diet that night. We sat near the top of the theater and began to consume our snacks. The movie ended typically enough, but I was ready for the sequel anyway. He was already anticipating nightmares, although I am sure he was exaggerating.

While walking to the car, we decided to recover from our food coma in the comfort of my home. We both flopped on my bed and watched our favorite talk show. The cuddling commenced. I did not want to be anywhere else. We laid there for what seemed like a few minutes, but time had not slowed and it was getting late. I thanked him for the wonderful night and we shared one last hug and kiss before he headed to his own bed, and I to mine.

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