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Valentine’s Kitchen offers late-night grub

Published: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Updated: Friday, May 17, 2013 13:05

Valentine's kitchen

Audrey Russell/ The Prospector

Valentine’s Kitchen is located on Mesa street offer unique Mexican food for night-club goers.

For many patrons of the weekend nightlife, it is customary to have a quick bite to eat after a long night of bar hopping and dancing.

Situated next to Hope & Anchor bar off Mesa street, Valentine's Kitchen keeps its doors open and its customers satisfied.

Valentine's Kitchen opened in March of this year, serving Mexican cuisine with a twist.

"The food is made fresh daily and nothing is ever kept frozen," said Ana Salcedo, co-owner and chef.

Included in their menu are tortas, pork belly and bone marrow tacos, breakfast burritos, sandwiches and aguas frescas such as horchata, jamaica, papaya, pineapple and strawberry. The business offers daily specials and the food prices range between $3 and $6.50.

For many people, weekends are considered the most precious time of the week, and Valentine's Kitchen caters to that demographic. The Kitchen is open from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. or later Thursday through Saturday

"We get a lot of people during the late hours," Salcedo said. "Our business has been giving us more during the late hours than during the day."

The idea of working during night hours came from a friend of Salcedo and her husband. He suggested they operate during late hours due to all the bars located near the place.

"It was not in our plans, but it was a really good idea," Salcedo said. "Every single night it has been worth it."

Most of their night customers are students from UTEP and EPCC, who after a fun night out, are in need of some grub.

"I like to eat after drinking, mostly so I won't get a hangover," said David Rojas, junior criminal justice major.

Salcedo and her husband, Octavio Zavala, also co-owner and chef, have not had problematic situations.

"Ever since we opened we haven't had any drunk people," Salcedo said. "Everyone has been really cool, so I hope we keep up like that because it's really hard to deal with drunk people."

Although the majority of their late-hour clients are those who like to drink and party, there are still a few who are really there only to enjoy a late-night meal.

"I personally don't drink, but I still like to go out so I think it's cool to have a place open so late at night," said Gustavo Ponce, senior computer science major.

A great deal of their nighttime clientele comes from night spots off Mesa, Cincinnati and Downtown. After the bars close, people are sometimes not ready to go home yet and a late meal seems just like the right thing to do.

"I love to go eat after going to a club or a bar because it's like keeping the party alive without having to go home," said Yvonne Enriquez, senior environmental science major.

Valentine's Kitchen is also open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.Tuesday and Wednesday.

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