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Fashion trends of today's society

Published: Thursday, September 9, 2010

Updated: Friday, May 17, 2013 12:05


Yasmin Márquez

Today's fashion evolves rapidly and continuously redefines itself.  At the start of a new decade, the word indie continues to define a very common trend. Some say that indie came into play after the Mars Volta retired their all-star sneakers for ankle-high Ferragamo boots and vintage vests. In fashion, a trend never really dies out, but is instead recycled to become a newer fad.

Nowadays, El Paso ladies are rocking sequined mini-dresses with pockets and moccasin boots. The once-popular bowl haircut took its turn in the trash bin, and long hair with short bangs has claimed its place among the fashionable. Brown-auburns and shades of autumn are tones that have become all-year wear–and Ray Ban look-a-likes in different colors have definitely taken over as the modern-day gear of everyday fashion.

The trend locally remains indie with an El Paso twist–some call it indie chuco. Ferrara hats and aviator shades, with beige silk trousers and vintage vests, along with glossy brown shoes, all compliment the era of the chuco. What was once and is still being criticized by mainstream society is now a fashion trend. The ‘50s-era vato-like style of starched Dickeys, flannel shirts buttoned up to the Adam's apple and black Cortez Nike's are still very much alive. It completely contradicts the norm of what's cool and what's not.

There is also indie disco—featuring platform shoes, neon lipstick, velvet bell-bottoms and flower-patterned shirts—which has its roots in the 1970s. Although the current fads may stem from decades past, this still does not depict the popular trends being worn today. People are mixing and matching colors and fabrics and the strict rules of what matches what is no longer being followed. Anything can be worn together as long as colors and fabrics complement each another. Combining feminine and masculine looks together has also gained popularity. Girls wearing ruffled blouses with polka-dotted suits and stripped patterned ties are now the norm. Gladiator sandals have suddenly found their place on men's feet once again, this time paired with MC Hammer-style pants. It's the ‘80s all over again–but this time with an indie core.  Today's homage to the ‘60s–inspired by vintage mod and Balenciaga style–has elicited an androgynous look, which nimbly straddles the masculine-feminine and urban-rustic divides.

Today's youth are the future beings that society of the 1950s once scrutinized and speculated would be the cause of a turbulent ending to a civilized world. Our parents would never have imagined that indie chuco or indie disco would ever come into existence in the fashion world.

For those interested in following a fad or creating something new, just remember to honor the original influence of that trend. And just imagine what trends will be on the horizon in the coming years.

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