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Students reveal their first-time sex stories

Published: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Updated: Friday, May 17, 2013 12:05

first time

Jesus Perez / The Prospector

A person’s first time may be exciting, romantic or comical, but if it is with that special someone, the affection may continue to grow and flourish.

Almost everyone can think back to the day they lost their virginity and most can tell you that it's not like the romance novels.

There are no dim lights, scented candles or satin sheets. Chances are that someone's first sexual rendezvous would belong in a scene from "American Pie" or "Superbad."

Sex sells and everyone is interested in knowing about someone's first time, but not many are willing to talk about it. Men seemed more inclined to share their stories rather than women, but they also wanted to remain unnamed.

A junior philosophy major student was 16 and a freshman in high school, when he was in a somewhat serious relationship with his senior girlfriend.

"We were dating for a few months and one night I went drinking with some friends," said the tomato-faced student. "Afterwards I went to her house and she sneaked me in and it happened that night.

It wasn't exciting for her and for me, because we were done in less than five minutes. But as I drove home I couldn't believe it. I was surprised and excited to do it again."

The student said his parents did give him the big sex talk, but he did not take their advice.

"They told me to wait because it was something that was going to happen and to wait for the right time," he said. "Now that I'm older, I think I should have just waited."

For a senior English literature major, her first-time experience was in some ways the same.

"I lost my virginity to my high school sweetheart when I was 16," she said. "We waited a long time before we did it, but I can't really remember when I actually lost it, because we tried like two or three times.

The first time we tried, we were in his room, but I don't think he had protection. Then the second time he didn't know how to put it on and kept slipping off and the third time we finally did it."

She said she doesn't regret that she was deflowered by her high school boyfriend, but she wished that she would have waited.

"If I had waited, maybe it would have been more memorable," she said.

While most first time stories are ordinary, someone always has a friend with a funny or embarrassing story. A senior civil engineering student was 19 when he lost his virginity to a close friend he was dating at the time.

"We were watching TV in her living room late one night and we started making out when everyone from her family was asleep," he said. "Apparently we kissed for a long time because she said that it wasn't normal, so I asked why she thought that and she asked if I was still a virgin and I said yes.

She then insinuated doing it and I agreed because we were really good friends and we were dating. She left to get protection and a blanket to cover us."

Being in a house full of sleeping relatives doesn't always guarantee that they'll stay asleep.

"In the midst of it I heard a door opening up from one of the bedrooms," he said. "We covered ourselves with the blanket, because we were both completely bottomless."

Even with the surprise visitor, the incident turned into an unexpected, if not memorable outcome as one of her parents walked in.

"Her dad came out and sat on the other couch as he was getting ready for work. Me and the dad know each other so he liked me being there, he then asked why we are watching infomercials so late, but then he went to make himself breakfast," he said.

Still bottomless, the challenge at that point was to get dressed without arising the suspicion of the dad. Even with the stealth dressing, sometimes little details are overlooked in the rush.

"We start putting on our clothes under the blanket and the dad was talking to me from the kitchen the entire time. When we were dressed, we got up and saw that her pants were inside out! We crack up, she ran to her room, and I saed bye to her dad and left."

The civil engineering student still doesn't know if her gal pal's father ever found out.

"When we saw the pants like that, she ran and we were both laughing, so he had to at least turn around," the student said. "He was still cool with me afterwards, so I don't know."


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Mon Nov 21 2011 15:05
Who are the 2 in the picture? It is a bit inappropriate... I have virgin eyes!
Fri Jul 22 2011 02:47
haber si van poniendo cosas mas interesantes ya imagino porque no comentar sobre las relaciones sexuales que se dan entre profesores y estudiantes o porque no la preferencia sexual? y dicen que es una universidad prestigiada cuando nisiquiera le da trabajo a los mismos que se graduan de esta universidad y que no toman en cuenta el esfuerzo que se hace para estudiar pero no hablan de lo que en realidad pasa alrededor de nosotros como el profesor DIEPPA, ACASO NO TIENEN PROFESORES CULTOS, PROFESIONALES Y SINCEROS? JAJAJ NO QUE VA SI A ESTO LE LLAMAN HISTORIA PORQUE NO INVESTIGAR UN POKITO MAS EN COSAS INTERESANTESSSSS QUE LIOS NO? JAJAJA
Tue Sep 21 2010 13:59
I just came all over myself
Sun Aug 22 2010 18:01
Not cool.
Sun May 9 2010 23:33
I am 14, in the eighth grade, and most of my classmates are not virgins. I am, but I have come very close with one older guy, but I'm also a very religious person so it's the whole thing about "no sex before marriage" and then there's the risk of STD's and unplanned pregnancy( I know, I sound like a sentence straight out of a sex ed textbook explaining why sex is "bad"). In the end it depends on the people who are physically involved with one another. Each circumstance is different.
Richard Massey
Tue Mar 23 2010 16:07
so is this a new "losing your virginity stories" column, or a one time waste of column inches?
Who really cares what some anonymous person says they did their first time? Poor journalism to only have anonymous sources, and what was the point of this article? How is it relevant after the first sentence?
Wed Mar 17 2010 19:45
ur all sad to perv ayy
Sat Feb 27 2010 22:22
who cares about people's first time.
Tue Feb 23 2010 12:08
do you?
Tue Feb 23 2010 12:07
sex is the best thing ever i am 6 years old and i love it
Tue Feb 23 2010 12:06
sex stories are awesome

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