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Stupid Things People Do (March 5, 2012)

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Sat Mar 10 2012 12:10
Another thing that stupid people do is a podcast because they think their opinion is important.
Thu Mar 8 2012 01:00
It's amusing how people can be so harsh. Rather than giving constructive criticism, we are taking ones inspiration away. I have no idea who the people behind the podcast are, but I am sure that they are new with this and they are willing to grow. I personally believe that they have potential, and that this podcast is great since there hasn't been one before. Let's just be civil and say that they need some work with content, but they have a good idea here. Keep it up!
Thu Mar 8 2012 00:50
As someone who graduated with a degree in journalism and worked in various podcasts, I feel like you are lacking serious supervision. Please go back to the drawing board and start again. Better yet, just stop.

p.s. stop trying so hard and we don't want to hear you breathing on the mic

Thu Mar 8 2012 00:14
I got about 30 seconds in before turning it off. Do us all a favor and step away from the microphone.
Wed Mar 7 2012 23:20
very funny! you should talk about the traffic in the morning, and how annoying it is...
Tue Mar 6 2012 14:26
Don't try to eat and listen to this podcast at the same time! Food will come out your nose! Freaking awesome!
Tue Mar 6 2012 14:18
One of the best things The Prospector has done! Controversial, but great!
Tue Mar 6 2012 13:46
blooopity blup blup oh muh gush this was freakin hilari ass! girl we need to get together n ill give you some inspiration for more stuff to talk know i gots stories! i hope this blows up!

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