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Take a lesson from famous vampires: avoid the sun

Published: Monday, March 5, 2012

Updated: Friday, May 17, 2013 13:05


The Prospector

Spring break is so 1990s. Instead of jumping into a pair of swim shorts and thrashing out into the open waters of scandalously dressed woman, it's about time we hit the town and books instead.

The once party-filled time off has slowly mutated into something that no longer revolves around the party. Due to the drastic change in the economy, people are looking to keep from spending too much money and looking for cheaper alternatives to spend the days off.

If stuck in El Paso, it is not the end of the world. Local establishments have been trying to get customers to stick around for the break for years with concert series that feature bands playing in South by South West and large get-togethers, involving the tap and bar scene. Question is, what sounds appealing?

Along with the multiple St. Patrick's Day celebrations March 17, bands from across the United States are flocking through El Paso on their way to the over-crowded SXSW. Here in the city, they have a chance to relax and feel welcomed by a smaller crowd. It's like a "before they go to SXSW" performance and it helps loosen them up for that show. Many times, these can be unannounced and random, which makes them incredibly exclusive and exciting to discover.

Other events to look out for are beer tasting and parties that are gearing up for the big shows such as Neon Desert, Sun City Music Festival and more. These can sometimes have surprise concerts by well-known names in the DJ business plus local performers who are working to get some money behind them for tours.

Leaving the house may not be an option and if that is the case, a few considerations include some simple pleasures and academics.

About this time, many students have cluttered their DVRs with more TV series to count. This week off should be used to purge the poor little bastard of all the missed episodes of "The Walking Dead," "The Office," "30 Rock," "How I Met Your Mother," "Supernatural" and "Glee" before they return to television. This is that weird period where the shows are taking a mid-season break not necessarily for the audiences' benefit, but just to reorganize their budgets and film the rest of the season… turns out they don't have it all done at the beginning of sweeps week.

As strange as that sounds, this gives viewers a one-up on those corporate freaks and a chance to either catch up or revisit what they love to watch. (I have watched "30 Rock" all the way through at least four times. A fifth wouldn't hurt). That, or watch "Game of Thrones" season one reruns and prepare for…well winter is still a ways away, but for season two.

One cannot merely sit in front of a TV for nine days without loosing one's mind. Just because many students face midterms the week before doesn't mean school should completely fall out of the equation. Spring break allows for more study time and sometimes, we allow a pile up of assignments to grow until the night before the end of the class; countless hours are then spent attempting to finish projects. There is only so much coffee in the world and odds are that at three o' clock in the morning, none of it is available to drown in. This is just a suggestion, but maybe using the break to organize (if not finish) assignments is a good idea.

Assuming all else fails, lay in bed for the whole break like an unsociable hermit. There is nothing wrong with not seeing the light of day; it may not be the healthiest move, but who is going to say it's a bad idea? Nosferatu and Dracula would agree this is the optimal plan of action. The sun burns, the Internet and the blankets are the allies and the doorway is the ultimate enemy.

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