2022 NBA Finals: The Warriors notice two inches more in the Celtics’ TD Garden during Game 3 warm-ups

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2022 NBA Finals Between Golden State Warriors And Boston Celtics Wednesday night shifted to Boston for a major game 3 – The Celtic team won one match and took a 2-1 lead in the series.

It allows players to control distractions at such crucial times of the post-season in general and allows them to focus on pursuing a topic. However, before Game 3, there was a huge distraction that the Warriors could not ignore. During the warm-up warm-ups, some warriors noticed something in their basket a little off. They raised their objections, and TD Garden staff brought out a measuring stick to confirm the height.

Of course, the rim was two inches higher than the 10-foot height, According to ESPN’s Kendra Andrews. Some of you may be saying, “Two inches, what’s the big deal?” Let’s ask that. There is a huge difference between shooting in a 10-foot-tall basket and shooting in a 10-foot-2 basket. This was obviously a significant enough change for the players to notice, and fortunately they fixed it before it was defaced.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked about the situation before the game and joked that “it’s good to start the game at midnight”, referring to the start time at 9am East.

“It happens every time,” Kerr said. “Players have a very sharp eye. Players can tell.”

Dub Nation has already started plotting and crying – the Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and other Warriors claim to have raised the Celtics edge to throw shortshooters – but, as Kerr said, these things happen from time to time.

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The good news is that the facility staff corrected the situation before the game started. If the Warriors had noticed this in the middle of the first quarter and lost the game, there would have been no doubt a scream.

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