About 14,000 customers were affected after vandals damaged substations in Tacoma.


About 14,000 customers in Puyallup and Graham, Washington were affected by robbers on Sunday. Damaged three sub-stations It is owned by Tacoma Public Utilities and Puget Sound Energy, police said.

No suspects are in custody at this time, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department added in a statement Sunday.

The Sheriff’s Department said their agency was first notified of the burglary at a Tacoma utility substation at 5:26 a.m.

“Deputies arrived on scene and observed forced entry into a fenced area,” the statement said. “Nothing was taken from the substation, but the suspect damaged equipment in the area that caused power outages.”

Pierce County sheriff’s deputies were alerted to a report of a second burglary at another Tacoma public utility substation, which involved forced entry after damaging equipment, the statement said. As with the first substation, nothing was taken.

“We were notified at 11:25 by Puget Sound Energy that they also lost power at 02:39 this morning. Deputies are currently on scene at the facility where a fenced area was breached and equipment was damaged,” the statement continued.

“Deputies are conducting a preliminary investigation at this time. We do not have any suspects in custody. It is unknown if there was any motive or if this was a coordinated attack on authorities,” the statement said.

The FBI’s Seattle division told CNN Sunday it was aware of the reports, but declined to confirm or deny its role in any investigation, adding, “We take threats against our infrastructure seriously and ask that law enforcement be contacted.”

The city of Puyallup is located 10 miles south of Tacoma. Graham is located 16 miles south of Tacoma.

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