The Prospector has been the official student newspaper of The University of Texas at El Paso since it was founded in 1914. With a circulation of about 10,000 per week and distribution throughout the university, The Prospector has a long-standing tradition of excellence as the assayer of student opinion.

As a laboratory for students majoring in communication and advertising, The Prospector provides students with professional work experience. UTEP is located at one of the largest border cities between the United States and Mexico, and the student newspaper and Magazine celebrate the binational and bicultural traditions that exist at the only research-intensive university that serves a Hispanic-majority student population.

Our Team


Executive Editor

Ryan is the Executive Editor at Utep Prospector and oversees all content production and editorial Work for Utep.

He has 10 years experience in branding, PR and digital publishing . He’s been featured in Forbes, AMEX Open Forum and Business.com.

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Addy Bells

Senior Writer

Addy has 10+ years of experience working as a blogger, educator, digital marketer, freelancer, editor and content manager. He joined Utep Prospector team to provide great tools and strategies for students helping them pass various exams.

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