Archie Bradley stopped work for at least four weeks due to an elbow fracture

Angels Remedy Archie Bradley He was placed on a 15-day injury list after suffering a fractured elbow this evening. Coach Mike Frostot tells reporters (including) Athlete Sam Bloom And Sarah Valenzuela of the Los Angeles Times) He will be suspended from throwing completely for at least four weeks. Frostot estimated that it would take several months for him to return to the Majors. Bradley was injured during Sunday’s fight between the Holos and the Mariners, but failed when he tried to climb over a dug track.

Signed on a $ 3.75MM warranty during the season, Bradley appeared 21 times that year. He owns 4.82 eras in 18 2/3 innings, hitting just 19.2% of the batters he faced. This is the second season in a row in which he has not missed a number of bats, but continued the high-performance innings late in the Bradley games. To his credit, the right-hander has provoked the Grounder with one-third of the balls against him, which would allow a better ratio of only one home run all season.

Unfortunately, the Hollows will now be without the most reliable bit-game weapons of the future. The transfer to the 60-day injury list seems inevitable because the 29-year-old is expected to return soon in September. It will not give him much time to prove his health before he comes back to the open market next winter.

The fracture eliminates the possibility of moving Angels Bradley’s medieval. Playing with a record 36-40 on Tuesday, the Hollows can be seen dealing with short-term players ahead of the August 2 trading deadline. Flipting Bradley would not have brought in a big income, but there may have been some interest from other clubs considering his high-experience and high ground-ball numbers.

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Players on the injured list could still be traded, but it’s hard to imagine another team dealing with Bradley at this point. It looks like he’s unlikely to be available beyond the final month of the regular season, and the fact that he’s an upcoming free agent means there’s no long-term improvement in buying him into a competing club.

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