Bryce Harbor Injury Update: Patrice’s left thumb fracture in Belize star pitch

Philadelphia Phyllis Lazy and ruling NL MVP Price Harbor suffered a fracture in his left thumb on Saturday night. San Diego Patress At Petco Park (Game Tracker) Harbor 97-mph Blake Snell took a fast ball in hand and immediately left the game. Billis soon announced the fracture and said Harper would undergo further tests in the coming days. They did not provide a timetable for his recovery.

Here is the video of the wrong pitch. Snell apologized, despite apparent pain and understandable grief, as Harper told Snell that he had not intentionally hit him when he left the field.

Harper has been limited to DH duty most of the season due to an elbow ligament injury. Nevertheless, he had a fantastic season and took the .320 / .385 / .602 batting line with 21 doubles and 15 home runs in Saturday’s game. He ranks seventh in extra-pace wins (37) in baseball and eighth in total pace (145). Simply put, Harper is irreplaceable.

“Things are happening for a reason,” Harper told reporters. Including, After the game. “Everyone says so. The reason is disappointing now, but at the same time, what it is. I have to be positive. I have to be positive to the guys here. I know they will choose. I’m very surprised for this organization, guys, Philadelphia, the fans. I like to run and play every day.

Despite playing with UCL with his right arm torn since mid-April, Harper has had one of the best seasons of his career. He batted .318 with 15 home runs, 48 ​​RBIs and a .984. O.P.S.. He ranks fifth in the NL in batting average, sixth in base percentage (.385) and second in sluggish percentage (.599).

Pillies will put Harper on the 10-day injury list on Sunday. Triple-A Lehi Valley Outfielder Mickey Monique Will take his place on the list. They hope he makes it to the finals of the series on Sunday.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow,” said Robbie Thompson, interim manager at Pillis. “But they’m not going to cancel any games. We have to play.”

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Thompson said Billies will play Harper’s DH character Nick Castellanos, Kyle Schwartz And others. But every winner must progress.

They know it.

“It was catastrophic, at least,” Castellanos said. “He’s an all-star, MVP-caliber year. Losing him at any moment is too long. We all need to move forward. I, too, will definitely be included.

“We are where we are, we have won the games we have, and I still think there is a better version of Rice [Hoskins]I think there is a better version of JT [Realmuto]. There is a better version of me. I think it’s only a matter of time before they all come out. If they appear at the same time, baseball can have real fun, really fast. “

Dave Domprovsky, head of baseball operations, noted that the Braves won the World Series last year without Ronald Aguna Jr., who suffered a knee injury during the July 10 season.

They finished the regular season 44-29. Fernando Toddys Jr. is out this season. They are 45-29.

Chase Woodley broke his right arm on July 26, 2007. He returned on August 27th. Billies went 15-13 without him.

“I mean, you have to do it,” Domprovsky said. “You’re missing good players. Again, I do not know how long he’s going to be out at this point, but I hope he’s coming back at some point. We need to continue to do better from here on out. We’re done our best. We’re got a lot more good hitters in a row.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It’s too early to tell how Harper’s injury will change the team’s plans for the August 2 trade deadline.

“It just happened,” Domprovsky said. “We have to see how we play. I still hope we play well. We still have a good club.”

Harper fell to the ground as the pitch hit him. It was bad, it was. Domprovsky and others thought it hit Harper in the face, which happened to him in April 2021 in St. Louis. Harper somehow managed to get away from that one with the injured forearm from the ricochet.

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“I wish it had hit me in the face,” Harper said. “I do not break the bones in my face. I can take 98 for the face, but I can not take 97 for the thumb.”

Harper finally got up. He shuddered as he held his thumb. Frustrated, he shouted at Snell. The two have known each other for years. They texted each other during the game. Harper said they were fine.

“Obviously, I felt terrible about attacking him,” Snell said. “We talked; we handled it. It’s nothing. It’s just emotional. He’s playing so passionately, and I can understand why he’s upset. I’m just as upset as him.”

The recovery time for some broken thumbs is four to six weeks. Earlier this month Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson suffered a fracture in his right thumb. Giants first paceman Brandon Belt suffered a fracture in his thumb last September. In February 2021, Realmudo suffered a fracture to his right thumb.

Each is estimated to have recovered in four to six weeks.

But then again, Harper will not know the severity of his fracture until next week.

“I have never broken anything in my life,” he said. “This is new to me. This is a disgrace.”

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In the meantime, looking at the time playing casually on the outfield, Billis thinks he should share the DH duty with Kyle Swarfer or Nick Castellanos with the more defensive Matt Weirling. Mickey Monique, the No. 1 pick until 2016, has touched .279 / .326 / .558 in Triple-A. Of course, depending on the length of Harper’s return, the Billies may trade.

Needless to say, losing Harper at any point was a devastating blow to the Billis team trying to climb into the post-season mix. They have been 15-6 since manager Joe Gordy was replaced by bench coach Rob Thompson earlier this month. In national league teams, the Atlanta Braves (18-4) had the best record in the league at the time. Sportsline predicts that if the harbor is sidelined for a month, the Phyllis will have a 17.2% chance of making the playoffs.

Even with the post-Girardi hot streak, the Billies came in Saturday after three games after a third and final wild card spot. The Pillies have not moved to the post-season since 2011 and have had the longest post-season drought in the NL.

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