15 Best Manga Sites To Read Manga Online

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Japan has never failed to amuse us, and it has got everything for every kind of person, anime for the ones who love to watch series, stationery for crafters, and Manga for readers. 

Manga has taken up the entire world by strop, and every second person is obsessed with it. Mind you, Manga is not limited to teens or kids; anyone forms any spectrum of age can read Manga.

Manga has a lot of exciting and funny comics, if you are reading this article, then probably you are one of the manga fans, or have ventured into Manga recently; don’t worry this article will be beneficial for you.  

If you are looking for new books to read or are looking out for various manga websites, then don’t worry, I’m here to solve your problem. I did some thorough research and made a list of the best Manga reading sites, which are safe for using and will answer all your manga woes. Take a look at the list below.

What are Manga sites?

Pronounced as Maw-nnnn-gah, Manga is a Japanese comic book or comic book series which has been published by keeping the Japanese culture as its integral component. Manga sites are basically those websites which help the readers in reading the Manga comics online.

In the year 1874, the first Manga released, and since then, it has gathered attention from all over the world. The only problem with Manga is that it is tough to find the translated Manga initially since there are loads and loads of fake as well as fan-made comics in the market.

Manga is written in lots of genres like drama, horror, mystery, science fiction, sports, suspense, historical drama, etc. Manga is translated in various languages like Chinese, English, and multiple European languages.

Best Manga Websites


1. Manga Fox


One of the top free manga sites for downloading and reading free Manga is Manga fox.  Manga fox has a variety of Manga, which you can either read online or download it.  But, the best part is that you don’t have to register for reading or for downloading the Manga’s

Downloading is also very easy, you can download the Manga in various file format. The website has divided the Manga into multiple categories, so navigating to your favorite genre is a lot easier. The site uploads all the latest manga comics on the homepage, so finding the latest Magas right on the homepage.

MangaFox also has advanced search capabilities, which means you can use filters and narrow down your search for the Manga comics which you need. Moreover, there are lots of communities on the website where you can discuss the Manga once you have read it.


2. Manga Reader.net


Manga reader is one of the favorite Manga websites of all the Manga readers in the world. One primary reason behind this love is that you don’t have to sign or login for accessing the Manga data base.

A lot of people, including me, dread the step of logging and signing in to a website just to read, plus I find it to be a wastage of time. The interface of the site is straightforward, so finding the Manga that you want to read isn’t a tough task.

There is a search bar on the top so that you can search for the and its there in front of you. The only downside of Manga reader.net is that ads may pop up then and there.

The website has a feature known as surprise me, which will help you in searching for the next read. It also has a tab known as the “Popular tab” that will take you to the page where all the trending Manga comics are available.  


3. Manga Rock


Manga Rock is one of amongst the favourite Manga reading sites not only because you can read free manga online, but you can also send your Manga artwork if you wish to get it published. The website also has a feature of editing, re-dragging and translating the files. 

Another reason why it is popular among manga readers is that they have translation of of the widely searched Mangas like Black Butler, One-punch Man, The seven Deadly sins and a lot more. 

You can find some of the latest Manga’s here, not all of them because they don’t have a lot of material on their website. Oh, they also recruit some of the people who are their avid readers. 


4. BATO.to


This Manga website is one of the fancier sites, and it is a lot appealing than the other websites. Bato.to has a wide range of manga comics like sci-fi, romance, action, sports, drama, etc. etc. it is an open-source website which allows you to add manga’s so that the collection can expand.

It has the latest tab that will show the recent updates and new release manga’s so that you can stay updated with the trend. The best part is that it gets updated on an hourly basis. It also has a discussion form so you can find, discuss, and fan over your favorite manga comics with the other readers. 


5. Mangadex.org


It is a free reading Manga website which doesn’t bombard you with ads; This is why it is the most popular manga reading sites and a primary source for a lot of readers. It has a wide variety of Manga comics which cover almost all the genres. 

It has a precise discussion forum, which allows you to choose and discuss the theories and ell as the series of the Manga, you can also discuss specific episodes. You can even bookmark your current read.

The only downside of this website is that you will have to sign in and make an account. The setting option of this website is excellent, and the interface is fantastic, this website will surely make your manga reading experience a lot better. 


6. Crunchyroll Manga


This is the perfect manga reading website for the kindle users, and it is a paid platform so you can purchase Manga too. Another reason why it is amongst the best manga site is that you can find anime also. 

The website also has a subscription program, and if you sign up, you can access several manga titles for free. I’m in love with the kindle feature because being an avid reader, especially who uses kindle, and it solved a lot of my issues. 

The interface of the website is pretty fast and straightforward, so even small kids can use t. the website has a forum page, which is divided into factors like anime, Manga, news and updates. The bookmark feature of the website allows you to add books into your Wishlist and read them later.

It also offers a 15 days free trial to its new users.


7. Manga fox.me


Manga fox.me is the hub of Manga readers as it has huge loads of manga comics available which are divided into more than 20 plus categories. Since it is the host website, it will not redirect you to any other website and cause any sort of virtual damage.

The website as a huge number of premium content which is available at zero cost. Mangafox.me    is one of the best manga sites because of this reason. The website is pretty light so it will load in a fraction of seconds. 

The only drawback of this website is that it has ads, but they don’t pop up, which means you can read without any disruption. The website has the content divided into categories like new-arrivals, most viewed so that you can stay updated with the trend. If you are someone like me who hates the process of signing up and logging in, then this website is the one for you. 


8. Manga Panda


It is another popular website, among the manga readers. Manga Panda offers a series of manga comics that are arranged in proper alphabetic order. You can straightaway read the comics, and you don’t have to go through the tedious process of signing up and logging in

It has famous manga’s which are translated in English, so if you are on a lookout for one, just straightaway dive into this. Since it is one of the famous manga website, it has a huge user community. 

The website has a lot of features like advanced search, finding Manga by genre etc. 

9. Zing Box

It is a free manga website that has an Android and iOS app so that you can read Manga on the go too. In addition to this, you can actually post your own comics as well as Mangas on the website. The user interface of this website is very clean, and it’s organized

The website has loads of mangas, which are divided into various categories. So, if you are looking for a website that is available as an application, then this one is for you. You can also download the content and then read them offline. 


10. Manga Here


It is one of the websites which posts Manga news as well as spoilers, this is why it is considered to be as the best Manga reading website, so if you are looking for a website which allows you to read comic as well as news and spoilers, then this is the one. 

You can find loads of Hot Manga series which are divided into various categories. The website keeps on frequently updating, which is why it has a huge catalogue. The website also posts spoilers, latest news, Manga’s as well as Mangaka. 

You can access over 10,000 manga’s without spending a single ounce of money, and it is also available as an app for android and iOS.

11. Mngdoom.com



Manga Doom is heaven for manga lovers since it has a vast database which keeps on getting updates on an hourly basis. Moreover, since it is a free manga website, you are basically getting the world at your feet without spending a penny on it. 

Though the website has advertisements, they don’t pop up and disrupt your reading. The interface of the website is pretty simple, and you can navigate around the website very easily. If you sign up on the website you can interact with a lot of people who have similar interests


12. Kiss Manga


It is one of the best Manga websites because you can watch anime as well as read manga on the same website. The manga are classified in alphabetic order, so finding them won’t be a hassle.  The website has a Manga community forum which allows you to find manga lovers.

You can have discussions with fellow readers, as well as make purchases of the latest manga from the website. You can find all sorts of Manga, no matter how old or new they are. If you are someone who is interested in Chinese and Korean comics, then you can find them here on Kiss anime. You can also buy the latest Manga and anime merchandise. 

13. Manga freak.net



This website has a good number of audiences, as well as a good number of Manga which will keep you updated. The only downside of this website is that it is filled with advertisements, but since they keep on updating themselves with the latest mangas; this drawback can be avoided.

But the chances are that 9 out of 10 times, the website will redirect you to a fake page or advertisements. So, you will have to close it and then get back on the track. The interface of the website is good and doesn’t harm your eyes. 

The website has a search bar on the top, so you can look for the Manga which you want to read and then proceed on with it. 


14. Manga park


Manga park is loved by everyone, especially those who love to read free stuff. You can find pretty much all sorts of mangas on this website. The interface of this website is pretty simple, and the mangas are divided into different categories like views, letters, rating latest etc. 

The website has a very user-friendly interface which can be operated by everyone. The website covers all types of genres like suspense, comedy, action etc. You can also bookmark your wishlist, but you will have to create an account in order to do so.

The website also has a provision of monitoring your progress, and you can read the Manga in a faster manner because of the cookies on the website. If you are looking for a reliable website, then this is the one for you.


15. Mangable


Though it is a new manga website, you can still find tons and tons of Manga in it. The website is completely free and gets updated frequently whenever the new Manga is available. The website has an option of signing up, and you can signup if you wish to connect with other manga readers. 

It is very popular amongst the users who are based in Europe as well as the USA. The layout of the website is pretty simple, and it is user friendly, so navigating through the website is not going to be a hassle. 

Why Is Manga So Popular & Some Facts About Manga

Manga has gained immense popularity just after it was released, the reason behind so is that it has got beautiful drawings and impressive plots. We all know that the drawings and the animation of the characters are what attracts us to them, this is the same with manga, the characters are drawn so nicely that they all look real and relatable. Without an interesting plot, the story will never attract readers, but this isn’t the case in Manga, because the majority of the plots are impressive and will keep you hooked on till the end. The characters of the Manga’s are always adorable, and you can relate with them on so many levels. These are the reasons why Manga is so popular among people 

Facts about Manga

  • All the art on the Manga is hand-drawn
  • Every house in japan spends about 50 dollars on Manga every year
  • Naruto is considered to be the potent comics in the manga industry
  • More paper is used for creating Manga than toilet paper in Japan.


This article contains all information which you need to understand the world of Manga. In recent years Manga, as well as anime, has gotten a lot of attention and the whole world has become interested in them. This is why getting access to the premium content, which is legit, is tough.

I hope this list of websites will help you in finding the Manga’s which you are looking for, and I hope that you find fellow manga lovers on your journey. These websites are handpicked, and I have tested them, so you don’t have to worry about them not being able to fulfil your desire. Happy reading!