Direct announcements of the meeting

The meeting is over and the staff is worried about the layoffs

All meetings ended at 1 p.m., Eastern time.

According to one source, most of the reactions on Twitter’s slack messaging board are negative in nature.

Employees said many of their concerns about layoffs, remote work, content control and less focus on content and diversity activities were confirmed.

Employees have also sent memes about how to brand themselves as exceptional, an obvious reference to Musk’s note that, according to the source, exceptional employees can continue to work remotely and not be afraid of layoffs.

– Lauren Finer

Musk wants Twitter to reach 1 billion active users daily

Succeeding on Twitter would be like a significant increase in the number of active users daily, which would be over 1 billion, Musk said.

Twitter said in its Q1 2022 revenue It has 229 million monthly daily active users.

He added that the definition of Muskin’s success would also include whether Twitter contributes to more civilization and consciousness.

– Lauren Finer

Kasturi distracts from the discussion about aliens

Musk briefly turned the conversation into a discussion of aliens and human consciousness.

According to one source, he did not see the actual sources of the aliens.

– Lauren Finer

Musk says he has no interest in being CEO

He said Musk was not worried about being the CEO on Twitter, according to a source.

He said he was interested in directing the product in a certain direction, but did not hang too much on the titles.

– Lauren Finer

Users should be allowed to say what they want on Twitter, Musk says

Musk told Twitter staff that when it comes to legal but harmful speech, people should be allowed to say what they want.

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But Musk said it was different from Twitter advertising that speech.

He added that users have the right to filter content they do not want to see. Musk said the standard is to make people happy and informative, rather than hurting them.

Musk reiterated a sentiment he had previously expressed online that Twitter does the right thing when 10% of the extreme left and far right regret it.

Speaking on the topic of content and diversity, Musk said getting all human beings on Twitter is the most inclusive thing.

He said he believes in strict merit.

– Lauren Finer

Musk addresses the question of possible layoffs on Twitter: The company needs to be healthy

Musk said the layoffs on Twitter depended on its financial status.

“It depends. The company needs to be healthy,” Musk said, according to the source. “Expenditure now exceeds revenue”

Musk said there must be some rationality in the number of people otherwise Twitter would not grow.

“Anyone who is a code contributor should not have to worry,” he said.

– Lauren Finer

Musk has a strong affinity for personal work

Musk recently told his staff Tesla To do Come to work in their offices 40 hours a week or resignLet’s draw a difference between working remotely at a car company and Twitter.

“Tesla makes cars, and you can’t build cars in the distance,” Musk said, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Musk did not explain to Twitter employees what his policy on the remote would be, and said that if someone was an exception in their job, the remote job would be fine, according to the source.

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But Musk said his “pro is strong in working in person.”

– Lauren Finer

Musk on how to build trust with Twitter staff

“If someone does useful things, that’s great. If they don’t, I wonder why they are in the company.”

– Lauren Finer

Elon Musk about freedom of speech

Elon Free Speech (Paraprostate): People should be allowed to say whatever they want, but that does not mean Twitter should advertise it.

– Lauren Feiner

Musk asked why he likes Twitter

When Elon was asked why Twitter: “I love Twitter”, “I learn a lot from learning on Twitter.” It’s the best way to get a message “,” Some people use their hair to express themselves, I use Twitter “

– Lauren Finer

The staff asks questions

Employees submitted questions they were most interested in – there was no guarantee that they would be answered but a high ranking in the categories of workplace policies (ie distance work), freedom of speech, Elon’s recommended product improvements, and employee relationships – Lauren Finer

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