DOJ refuses to accuse Meadows and Scavino of insulting Congress

According to a source familiar with the announcement, U.S. Attorney Matt Graves told House General Adviser Doug Letter that the judiciary had concluded its review and decided not to prosecute “criminal contempt.” Natwar Lawns And Scavino. “
The New York Times First reported Former President Donald Trump’s former chief executive Mark Meadows and Trump’s former vice president Don Scavino will not be prosecuted.
The decision by the judiciary is a blow to the House committee’s efforts to implement the saponies related to its investigation, and may encourage other Trump allies not to cooperate in facing such demands. The former White House business adviser is coming in the same day Peter Navarro was charged For failing to cooperate with the team.

However, unlike Scavino and Meadows, Navarro openly violated the panel’s request and did not attempt to negotiate terms for compliance. Also the saponas of Meadows and Scavino are complex.

Both officers served in high-ranking positions on the Trump West Wing, so there were very pressing cases to gain executive privilege. Each tried to co-operate at different points in the group’s investigation. Meadows specifically handed out thousands of page documents, including text messages that became an important part of the team’s work.

“I’m grateful they (the judiciary) used their discretion not to bring this case,” Stan Brand, Scavino’s lawyer, told CNN.

A spokesman for the judiciary declined to comment. A spokesman for the Jan. 6 selection committee did not respond to CNN’s comments.

A lawyer familiar with the Meadows and Scavino cases told CNN he was not surprised by the court’s decision. They argued that both were involved in the committee and, unlike Navarro and Steve Bonan, both were indicted and that Scovino and Meadows had serious claims to privilege.

Navarro – facing two contempt charges: one for failing to file documents requested by the committee and the other for failing to show testimony before House investigators – is the second former Trump adviser to be charged with criminal contempt for Congress. January 6 For violating the Committee’s Sapona. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon Facing criminal investigation After this summer.

The Justice Department is under pressure from House Democrats and the Left not to be more aggressive in the Jan. 6 trial, particularly about Trump and his inner circle and his unfounded role in trying to thwart the 2020 presidential election. Allegations of mass voter fraud that provoked a violent attack on the US capital.

However, there are recent indications that the department is there Has accelerated its investigation The plan is to expose Trump-backed voter fraud plans in states where President Joe Biden has won.

The story was updated on Friday with more details.

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