Kanye West walks out of interview after Tim Poole lightly defends Jews

Kanye West’s first extended interview since meeting former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago last week lasted about 20 minutes.

The artist, now known as Ye, moved out of his seated position with them Tim Poole is a reactionary social media artistAfter mildly backtracking on host Yev’s bent, paranoid, and largely uninhibited anti-Semitic rants, the show kicked off.

During that 20-minute stretch, West delivered a wide-ranging, victimized commentary against those he believes harmed him, including but not limited to: A designer at Adidas who you believed was the CIA and somehow a “Zionist” plant; Jamie Dimon; Hollywood executives; interval; His former trainer and a Canadian deep-state agent in Yev’s mind; And, of course, the fictitious Jewish group in charge of both banking and media. “It was like American History X, like my head was on the side of the curb, and the right people I called kicked my head in,” Yeh said. The rapper also appeared in the background Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie IrvingHe also posted antisemitic content and talked about the true “bloodlines” of black people.

“Next to Obama was Rahm Emanuel, then next to Trump was Jared Kushner,” Yeh added, adding, “Da-da!” The music flourishes to punctuate his anti-Semitic talking point about Jews being puppet masters.

During a brief pause in his monologue, Poole tells Yee, “I think they’ve been very unfair to you.” When Yeh asked to clarify who he was referring to by “they,” Poole replied, “The corporate press.” It doesn’t satisfy you. “Who are ‘they’ though?” He fired back. As Poole stumbled, one of the evening’s other guests chimed in: Nick Fuentes, A 23-year-old white nationalist and Holocaust denierYe’s played a largely undefined role in theory 2024 Presidential Election Campaign. “It’s them, isn’t it?” Fuentes said, again referring to the Jewish people.

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Obviously, you considered it a bridge because Poole refused to play into one of the oldest antisemitic tropes around. Before Poole could get another word in Edgewise, West rose from his chair and quietly left the studio.

The evening’s third guest, Milo Yiannopoulos, a far-right troll and former Breitbart technology editor who quit the conservative movement in 2016, was as fired up by Fuentes as his fanatical approach to relationships between adult men and minors.

Like Fuentes, Yiannopoulos joined Ye’s campaign team in some capacity. Earlier in the show, he heaped praise on Fuentes Charlottesville march, “Stop the Steel” pro-Busher and pro-Hitler Pandit was “the most extraordinary, brilliant political critic of his generation.” Yiannopolous sometimes claimed to be of Jewish descent, but that self-identification was apparently abandoned after he fell further to the fringes of the conservative media environment. Cured his homosexuality And Issued threats About harming another far-right personality’s dog. Yiannopoulos did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

In between Yev’s ramblings, the trio offered some new information. The meal with Trump was originally scheduled for October, but was postponed after the former president announced his own 2024 run. During the same period, Yeh engaged in a series of bizarre public appearances and began making openly anti-Semitic statements. He tweeted the promise He went “Death Khan 3” on the “Jewish people” and blamed the “Jewish media” and “Jewish Zionists” for his problems. Although it did not make the final stage, he noted at one point Interview with Tucker Carlson Imaginary children are placed in his house.

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West did not say whether those incidents gave Trump reason to delay their meeting. He took Fuentes with him because he was rolling with me, Yeh said. “I was attracted to Nick. I wanted him to come to the dinner. Even Yiannopoulos was supportive of Fuentes’ presence at the dinner. “He was treated as badly as anybody,” she said. “So I thought he deserved to be in the room.”

Poole brought in similarly far-right figures in conservative media and whitewashed their extremist beliefs in front of millions of viewers. The Daily Beast previously reported the news. As recently as last week, Poole hosted a pundit affiliated with the hard-right Kroeber Movement, which Fuentes apparently leads. At no point during their conversation did he refer to his guest’s earlier radical rhetoric, which he sometimes did Seemed to agree with him. Monday night, some of Poole’s viewers on YouTube shared their own anti-Semitic beliefs.

Although Poole was pushed back on Monday He usually does– After walking out to shouts from Yeh and his campaign staff, Poole forcefully denounced antisemitism on air – as he tried to find more common cause. “Nick, they call you a white supremacist,” he said to Fuentes. But “you’re working here, you know, with one of the most powerful black men.” (Pool did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Daily Beast.)

Poole’s tweeted announcement Monday of the appearance of Yeh, Yiannopoulos and Fuentes sparked some of Poole’s “good conservative friends” who, as he put it, were giving unreconstructed adults as big a platform as he was. A mistake. “Tim, don’t let them stay. They are bad people,” Poole said he was told.

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In Poole’s view, however, the show served its purpose because the trio refused to engage in lengthy debate and did not open up about their beliefs for the scheduled two-hour broadcast.

“I think you should all invite them,” insisted Poole. “If there’s anything bad about their comments, I think that’s exactly what happened.”

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