Best Desi TikTok Alternatives in India 2020

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Best TikTok Alternatives in India

The year 2020 has made people face some unforeseen circumstances. Starting with the phase of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was not just the lives of people but also the employment that got lost. The government has been trying to take supportive measures, but still the downside exists, even today.

A lot was been seen during this pandemic and India-China border conflict, where a lot of Indian soldier’s lives were lost, was one amidst the same. Well, the rivalry didn’t stop there and people started boycotting Chinese products too. Protests were seen around, and the government was forced to take some serious action.

In India, it was not just the goods trade, but also many Chinese applications that were used. The application, like TikTok, did create an earning source for many Indians. But with people boycotting it all, today as the news says, in a total of 59 Chinese applications got banned by the government.

TikTok is a video making application, compatible with both Android and IOS phones. The emergence of this application created a lot of opportunities for the young generation to showcase their talent through this platform. But today as the application got banned, all we get to ask is, what now?

Do not worry as there are best TikTok Indian alternatives, which are already on the verge of creating buzz and are being downloaded in millions. The below-mentioned will provide details about the five such applications that are the best Indian alternative for TikTok.

  1. Chingari

With 25 lakhs download, this Play Store available application has shown amazing responses being received in just six days. It is the best TikTok alternative for Android, which has highly favorable reviews and a rating of 4.7 out of 5 and 3.9 at the Apple app store. The application was founded by two Bengaluru-based programmers launched on Google Play Store in 2018 in November and on iOS in 2019 January.

This short video making app is free for download and allows the users to view and upload videos through this platform. The application is available in multiple languages. It includes English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, and other state languages. Points are provided per view, for the videos uploaded. These points can further be redeemed for money later.

The application is one of the trendiest in India. It allows the users to be a part of the video-sharing community and have access over trending, entertainment news, memes, and quotes. A lot of buzz has been generated on social media through this app and has received support from some well-known personalities on Twitter too.


This application is called as a clone of TikTok. It is again one of the best TikTok alternatives for Android (not available on iOS yet). The application has on today’s date 5 million installs. Within a month of its launch, the application received such a great response. The application is one amidst the top 10 Google Play downloads, with a rating of 4.7 stars.

The surge was seen after TikTok rating came down to 2 points something. It was also the anti-China sentiments caused due to the pandemic situation and some object file content uploaded on the platform, which became the biggest driver for the application down-rating. Well, it might have created a huge loss for Chinese application, but Indian apps like Mitron did receive the support and made this April launched an application with 8.03mb size to become a well-used one.


Available for Android and IOS, this is an Indian application with a 4.7 rating on Google Play Store and 4.5 on Apple Store. It is again one of the best TikTok Indian alternatives for a video editor and video maker. One of the key features of this application is slow-motion videos, and it also offers the users, trendy stickers, and some special effects & filters. Using this application, one can even capture portraits in the natural, studio as well as contour lights.

English, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, and many other languages are available for the users while using this short video making an application. The most interesting thing about this application is that the interface of it is just like a television. It offers varied channels like Beats, Haha TV, Bhakti, and alike.

4. Dubsmash

Compatible with iOS and Android, this application is free for usage. It is one of the oldest music video application which lost its glory with Musically in the market. One hundred million installations, speaking in volume this is how popular this application is. With one download, the use of becomes a part of a large video sharing community revolving around lip-sync entertaining videos.

While recording video, thousands of different sounds can be used here. Both movies, as well as TV quotes, are available here to make the use of feel material for their videos. Using the application, one can add stickers and even text overlays to make the music videos more captivating.

The videos are displayed here on this app like Snapchat stories, which gets divided into two news feed sections. It allows a user to watch the latest tracks and to keep track over the videos posted by their friends. The best part of this application is one gets not just a means for posting music videos on Dubsmash profile but also share it on other social media platforms, making it again one of the best TikTok Indian alternatives.

5. Likee

This application is just compatible with Android phones and is available for the users free of cost. With one download, do users get the opportunity to become a star of the favorite movie? A lot of dialogue material has been featured on this application. There are some amazing music magic filters which allow the user to have some special effects in their videos, based on the music volume change intonation. This one reason is enough for making millions to use this application to produce music videos.

Likee not just offers are incredible rich collection for filters, but it also allows one to have, speed up or speed down of their footage and merge several videos. One can even crop and trim videos using this best Indian alternative for TikTok.

The application offers a community where one gets a chance to discover new music videos and meet the creators who share the same taste in music. It also allows share options to some of the popular social networks, where the video created and uploaded can be shared with the followers on other social media accounts.


With TikTok being banned in India, it is not the end. There are some of the best Indian alternatives for TikTok in India. These applications will provide the talents to continue to work and to bring forward the amazing collection of new ideas in front. These applications mentioned above have you received I you support from the public as well as the government, and now it is time for us to be a part of the changing phase, which has been a part of our lives, but due to lockdown has emerged completely.

Remember, it is just a shift in the application. Your talent is still intact. Work and put forward ideas with the best usage of the Indian Applications.