Best GMAT Prep Book – Stop you from Fretting about Your GMAT Scores

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As the management sector is flourishing more than ever, so is their job opportunities. Currently, there are a large number of students who are waiting to join graduate business schools. 

It is very important to get admissions to the best ones for timely and better placements. Being one of the highest paying jobs, this sector is one of the golden opportunities to make greater living. 

But, it takes a lot of effort, regularity of preparations and other factors to get through GMAT exams. Graduate Management Admissions Council or GMAC has been taking care of entrance exams for years. They have set quite an apt standard to meet by the examinees. 

So, following this process you will need the hardcore best GMAT prep book to your disposal.

Making decisions about B schools was never easy, as it takes a lot of courage and effort to make it to the right one. The examination is purposefully conducted for global business schools with over 7000 programs. There are more than 2300 Graduate B schools out there, around the world. So you do the math. 

It’s equally attractive and yet so tedious and difficult to get through the exams. You will need advice from prominent experts and should have an idea about what is the best GMAT prep book. Moreover, if you are looking forward to cracking MCAT or GMAT prep course or GRE, these Best MCAT Prep Books and Best GRE Prep Books will help you out.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best GMAT Prep Book 

8 Best GMAT Prep Book To Your Aid 

Here we’re going to uncover some of the acquaintances, for faster learning and better preparations.

#1.GMAT Advanced Quant: 250+ Practice Problems & Bonus Online Resources 

While talking about preparing for GMAT, this one should come in the list of best GMAT prep book 2020, first of all. Manhattan has made quite a reputation in developing leading test prep sets and question bundles.  High profiled expertise and well-planned curriculum are one of their specialties. 

The Study materials hold the necessary and brilliant tricks which are truly time-saving. With the appropriate visual templates and sufficient information adding to the problem-solving skill-building, customers have given it good feedback. The advanced quantitative aptitude section is another amazing material to practice and set your skills. 

Exceptional Attributes:

  • There are over 20% of the problems that are newly solved.
  • The 384 pages of the paperback come at an affordable price.
  • The second edition is more up to date and makes it to the best GMAT prep book mentions.
  • The intuitive materials are simply designed for students.
  • Developed by experts who have scored the 99th percentile.

#2. GMAT Official Guide 2019 Bundle: Books + Online

This actually features the question bundles from past exams, for a better performance as best GMAT prep book. The exclusive accessibility to the for getting your own sets is a perk. This one right goes to your daily prep routines. 

The reasoning part is also very approachable. GMAC organization being the author, you can trust them even with a blind eye. With positive hard work and proper planning with these bundles plus online features, scoring big is a reality. One of the pocket-friendly sets in our list; this is already a go-to solution for the students. 

Exceptional Attributes:

  • You’re getting access to more than 1500 questions in a single place.
  • It includes 220 unique fresh questions, an official guide, a verbal review and a quantitative review for GMAT.
  • You can also make your personalized practice sets.
  • Updated with current curriculums of GMAT.
  • Engaging template for student’s benefits.

#3. GMAT Strategy Guide Set (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides)

This complete set of ten practice guidebooks is the 3rd entry in our list. The constantly GMAT exams require rigorous training and routine preparations. So students often find it really intimidating. Manhattan, being the leading providers, has introduced an intuitive approach with simpler structures, long ago. 

Now, they are updating each edition with the changing time. They have records of dramatically improved scores of students, using their materials. Each one of the ten books has walked through a depth of knowledge and specialized detailing. Also, the free practice sets surely add some value to the student’s hard work.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • The fresh 6th edition has a last-minute quick approach for students and is perfect as GMAT prep books.
  • There’s a total of 10 numbers of guide books included in the whole package.
  • Hand made by the experts over these years.
  • The models are designed for modern computer-adaptive examinations.
  • Totally aligned with the GMAC official guide rules of 2015.

#4. GMAT Official Guide 2020 Bundle: 3 Books + Online Question Bank

This is another one in the best GMAT books list. It is much better to learn from the experts themselves. The customizable tools and mobile app are additionally accessible, for learning a better approach to the complicated GMAT. One of the most anticipated exams for MBA students; it takes more than hard work to score good marks. 

Smart work and well-designed materials are go-to essentials for the students. Also, the online question banks are here for up-gradation of your skills. The 1700 past exam questions and further 200 problems will go to be quite beneficial if you’re looking for stronger clarifications.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • The book bundle comes with 3 books.
  • Question banks are available through online approaches.
  • GMAT official guide 2020, verbal review guide and quantitative review guide is included in the package.
  • It contains more than 1000 GMAT actual questions.
  • Another 300 additional questions are also available.

#5. Manhattan GMAT Test Simulation Booklet w/ Marker

Another entry, another Manhattan product for GMAT prep book. It was 2000 when this leading company had embarked upon their journey, with the ethics of better teachers for students. Since then, this tutorial company has come a long way, in the path of exam preparations. 

Now, this booklet and marker combo pack has been well received by the students. It helps them get rid of pivotal examination fears. Test prep should take much less time and valuable teachings to bring upon the examinations. Moreover, opting for a good resource like this, while preparing for GMAT, is a good form of help.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • The book package includes a test simulation booklet plus a marker.
  • Affordable pricing, for students.
  • The learning tools are here to make students get well-acquainted with the GMAT exam patterns and papers.
  • The simulation booklet comes with a number of five laminated double-sided pages
  • Put together by the experts of GMAT examinations, with the highest scores.

#6. GMAT Advanced Quant: 250+ Practice Problems & Online Resources (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides)

Quantitative skill building takes a good portion of GMAT examinations. The students who want to get the highest quantitative scores, this set is for them. It facilitates striving towards achieving their exam goals. 

The modern strategies for problem-solving and sufficient availability of data work for the best. The online approach, Atlas containing several interactive video lessons and time management strategies performs as good resources for GMAT tests. 

The instruction being scribbled down by different experts reflects the best work of this leading company making it the best GMAT prep book.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • There are over 250 practical problems.
  • Online resources provide definite help for the upcoming GMAT.
  • The advance quantitative approaches are designed for students who’re looking for high GMAT scores.
  • This edition includes 55 brand new questions.
  • Atlas, the online learning platform is also accessible with the materials.

#7. GMAT Official Guide 2020: Book + Online Question Bank

Catching up with this specially designed official guide will get you through tedious lessons. The overall guidance and references are well prepared for the upcoming GMAT exams. 

The complete guide also provides entire grammar along with quantitative reviews for the benefit of students. Plus, the additional 150 questions will surely enhance your aptitude and give you an edge over other competitors. 

The three-fold aspects of books, online referencing, and mobile application are the only thing that completes your entire agenda. It contains even more than 100 questions than the previous edition of 2019.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • There are apparently 950 questions accessible in the online segments, which are a great feature for the best GMAT prep book.
  • GMAT essay topic for better aptitude.
  • Specified descriptions of the exam format and content-related queries.
  • Online flashcards for better memory.

#8. GMAT For Dummies

The last is quite a surprise package itself as the best GMAT prep book listings. If you are welcome to the idea of fun and faster learning, then this one’s only for you. The time tested and management guide has been utilized in the entire package of sets. This is a proven practical resource for scoring big guns. GMAT revolves around admissions to your dream college, which can be true with the help of GMAT for Dummies. 

Moreover, with regular practice, you can get an idea about what areas you need more help with. You can always apply the practical time-saving tricks on your real exam day. The book includes two full-lengths of sets for your practice. 

Exceptional Attributes:

  • Every question type comes with proper explanations.
  • Reviews of the fundamental concepts have been provided in the dummies.
  • Another three additional tests accessible online.

Online Courses Approach for GMAT

Preparation with GMAT books is not enough for today’s highly competitive population. There are several online live and interactive classes held by experts that you should take account of. In this section we’re talking about only the best 2 of them:

GMAT Prep Online by Magoosh


  • The course is designed with modern questions and answer strategic solutions.
  • You will be getting continuous feedback on the journey towards improvement.
  • The additional quizzes and interactive video lessons are gems to try for.
  • You will be learning essential tips and tricks provided by experts who have more than 20 years of field experience.
  • Up to 70% score is guaranteed by the course, which is a lot in respect to others and available according to your timing.

Online GMAT Prep by examPAL


  • There is an explanation provided for the fundamental concepts, from scratch along with the best GMAT prep book materials.
  • There are pre-planned gradual levels of increasing difficulty, which helps you to get overall improvement.
  • The special instructors will give you the best advice regarding the preparation practices from their individual experiences.
  • You will be getting one after another lesson to solve any of your rising doubts.
  • Depending on the exam curriculum it will be giving you an intuitive approach for better learning essentials.

FAQ’S – Best GMAT Prep Book

There are individual website links provided along with each of the practice sets. You need to look thoroughly if there is any scratch for the pins option. You get to set your own questions banks in those online platforms, too.

Manhattan has been in this business forever. It has started on the ethical aspects of better tutoring approaches for the students. Their best GMAT prep book products have been praised well amongst the users. Our list of books has a maximum mention of their products. You’re getting the entire package for better learning.

We cannot say that 99% of marks are compulsory things. Although we can surely tell that always striving for the highest marks is going to help your process. GMAT is a highly competitive segment in its aspects, so you have to keep your scores high as much as possible.

The preparation is going to need you to buy a lot of books. But most of the books we have discussed here come in the range of 30 to 40 dollars.  Even those are available at 7$. So you can see they do come at affordable prices. Moreover, this allows you to purchase several books at a time.

We have covered two of the essential official guides. These books are provided by GMAC themselves. So, you can rely on them for the necessary information. You can check their websites for more analytical research on schedules and topics.

B-Schools & Towards a Brighter Future

It takes endless strategies and numerous references to score well in your GMAT examinations. We know how important it’s to you, and your future prospects. So we have provided you with the best GMAT prep book depending on good judgments. While getting on with the same note, may we suggest the best two books for your advantage? 

One is, of course, Manhattan and their complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set of 10 booms. Well, according to us, you are getting a complete guide package, plus over thousands of problems for endless practices.  For in-depth guidance, you can also look up to GMAT Official Guide 2020 Bundle, to keep up your pace.