Best GRE Prep Book: Reviewed (2020) – Prepare With the Best Resources

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If you are preparing for GRE to embark into the world of prestigious Ivy League colleges, a  Best GRE Prep book is required to kick-start your preparation. 

Well, it is not an easy task and a good source is required to get you rolling. Moreover, for your penchant desire to pursue your Master’s degree from a dream college, you might come across many worthless books. 

These books are piled up in stacks and there is a huge load of them that isn’t much relevant to today’s GRE prep. 

Since times are changing fast, get acquainted with the best GRE prep book for 2020 and master yourself. Don’t forget to involve study material and tests that are relevant to what is needed in 2020. 

Furthermore, this is what we will try to portray in this article. Let’s move up the ladder one step at a time:

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Our Top 3 Picks For Best GRE  Prep Book 

8 Best GRE Prep Book Edition 2020

#1. GRE Prep Plus 2020: 6 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online + Video + Mobile (Kaplan Test Prep)

This book will guide you in the entire GRE preparation stepwise. Kaplan is one of the pioneers in GRE preparation helping students to enhance their knowledge and sharpen their skills so that you can crack the exam with good accuracy. 

Moreover, the course content and expert guidance will help you in this preparation phase. So, let’s have a look at some of the salient features.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • The book is filled with test-oriented topics and strategies made by the notable faculties and in-house psychometricians.
  • This book covers all the topics with clarity mainly emphasizing the test-taking strategies which keep the test-takers stand out and be on top.
  • It provides live online courses and supports mobile applications too.

#2. Official GRE Super Power Pack, Second Edition

If you don’t want to invest too much, then you can begin your GRE preparation using these 3 books. 

It comes with 3 official guides. Therefore, you will get the ultimate practice set that helps you to perform well on the exam day.  

It is one of the comprehensive GRE guides available in the market.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • It covers three editions namely The Official Guide to the GRE, 3rd edition Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Questions, Volume 1, Second Edition Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Questions, Volume 1, and Second Edition of this Official GRE Super Power Pack 2017 Edition.
  • This book comes with proper GRE sets along with practice questions and explanations.
  • A description of questions along with key explanations is given properly.
  • This book will save your money over the cost of each book subject wise.
  • It consists of expert tips and guidance.
  • You will get access to the GRE POWER PREP Online.
  • It is considered as one of the best GRE prep books since it covers through review of the mathematics sets along with practice papers.

#3. GRE Prep by Magoosh Kindle Edition

Magoosh is one of the leaders when it comes to GRE preparations. It gives students the opportunity to study from their homes online through laptops or mobile phones. This book covers almost 1000 practice sets along with the video explanations and solutions. Moreover, it comes with full-length mocks and a unique study plan prepared by experienced faculties.

It comes with sample questions from the online program and gives you test-taking advice from experts. Also, if you are starting today or you are scribbling something on the notebook, then this book is ultimate for you. Moreover, you can venture into the new world of GREP prep using this.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • You will find hundreds of GRE strategies, tips, and daily study routine to begin your prep in a well-fashioned manner.
  • Being one of the best GRE prep books, it is equipped with in-depth Quantitative (math), Verbal, and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) as per the latest GRE syllabus.
  • This book comes with 130+ topic wise questions along with answers made by the GRE experts.

#4. Essential Words for the GRE (Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE)

In order to excel in GRE tests, it is essential to have good vocabulary skills. You can say it is a prerequisite and what can be more valuable than this Barron’s word book. 

In this guide, words are placed in various contexts to make the aspirant understand the usage of each word. It comes with additive features like the pre-test so that you get to know the weak areas and prepare accordingly.

Moreover, it provides an extensive word list followed by practice exercises along with a separate chapter. Also, this is where you can analyze various words. 

Exceptional Attributes:

  • The updated manual gives you a detailed test overview, test-taking advice, and a study plan for a typical computer-based GRE test.
  • You will find a diagnostic test consisting of key answers along with a detailed explanation.
  • A separate section is there for a verbal review covering the practice sets consisting of sentence completion as well as reading comprehension.

#5. Cracking the GRE Premium Edition with 6 Practice Tests, 2020: The All-in-One Solution for Your Highest Possible Score (Graduate School Test Preparation)

This gives the all-in solution to achieve the maximum possible outcome. When it comes to the best GRE books, then it should be taken into account. Also, it covers 6 full-length mocks, thorough Verbal as well as Math topic coverage. It further involves online material with additional practice materials.

Moreover, if you go through this book, you will understand the techniques to negate the traps and stand out in the competition. There are tips to increase your score along with the detailed examples to fast track your preparation.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • It is equipped with an extensive list of vocabulary covering all the important terms and exercises.
  • It comes with full-length tests along with details of the solution.
  • Books are updated with the latest content to keep you on the top.
  • Solved examples, topic wise tests, and realistic drills- everything is covered.
  • The course content is done by esteemed faculty members and infused with personal traits.
  • It comes with proven strategies.

#6. McGraw-Hill Education Conquering GRE Math, Third Edition 3rd Edition

This is one of the best GRE study guide when it comes to the Math section. If you are among those who appear for GRE every year and want to enhance your mathematics score, then this is the best possible resource for you. 

Moreover, this book is one of the best GRE prep book since the difficulty level of the problems increases as you progress. As a result, you can easily build your problem-solving strategies as you work out the problems.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • This book is equipped with 3 full-length mock tests along with those of the real tests.
  • A thorough insight into the mathematics section of GRE covering areas like arithmetic, numbers, geometry, data analysis, etc.
  • There is a well-defined strategy to tackle each and every GRE problem.
  • You will get a huge load of information based on the GRE math item formats.
  • Various questions are available for test-takers to practice and maximize their scores.

#7.  5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems: 1,800+ Practice Problems in Book and Online (Manhattan Prep 5 lb Series)

This book covers the best GRE practice problems along with a gamut of lessons from Interact. It is an on-demand learning media where you will find problems of mixed time sets covering key mathematical formulas along with test-driven techniques. This is the best GRE prep book which is released by Manhattan publisher.

The most interesting part is that the book contains almost 1800 practice problems that include all the topics on the GRE that make it an essential guide for the young aspirants.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • Hailed by many as the best GRE prep book in 2020, this book is built with practice sets, almost a replica of the actual GRE paper.
  • It helps students to develop rudimentary skills in maths and verbal section using easy to follow explanations and algorithmic approach.
  • Students can build their basic concept level and the move for solving higher-level problems.
  • Students can get to know each topic from the Interact® for GRE, which is the online platform for preparation.

#8. GRE Reading Comprehension & Essays (Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides) Fourth Edition

If you are looking for the best GRE prep book, this study guide is built with the student thinking ability. With the base available GRE content it exhibits, this book comes with updated problem sets. Also, this book gives a thorough approach to reading comprehension along with questions based on GRE. 

Moreover, you will learn the ability to perceive the rest of the passage and decipher the unfamiliarity out of it. This course guide will help you to tackle the questions using proper analysis as well as classification. 

Exceptional Attributes:

  • It gives you a thorough idea of how to deal with the general as well as specific questions.
  • You will master the skill set of dynamic outlining and tackling various essays.
  • Each and every chapter covers a unique subject matter with the help of rules, techniques. It further involves a thorough analysis of different examples to boost up your confidence.

Some Pertaining Facts on Online Course for GRE

Searching for the best GRE prep book is really an arduous task mostly when there are a plethora of books available in the market. However, there are some good institutes from where you can get proper online courses for GRE apart from the hard copies that you have. 


  • You can study anytime from the desktop as well as from the laptop.
  • The best GRE prep book, as you all know released by Magoosh will be couriered to the specified address at the time of enrolling.
  • The students score more points than the average number of test-takers.
  • Special feedback is available along with progress tracking.


  • This is one of the best GRE prep tutorials available worldwide. So, if you join them, you will get to know all the details of the course.
  • The course includes all the practice tests and there is full length mocks too from where you can practice.
  • You will be given enough expert help and guidance.
  • The best time saver and online material are there to help you out.

FAQ’S – Best GMAT Prep Course

The official GRE guide is one of the best sources for verbal practice questions. It comes with almost 150 verbal questions. Manhattan prep, the 4th edition comes with different sections that cover reading comprehension and sentence completion.

  • Barron’s GRE, 22 Edition
  • GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topic by Vibrant Publishers.
  • McGraw-Hill Education Conquering GRE Maths, 3rd Edition.
  • GRE Vocabulary Flash Cards by Manhattan Prep.
  • PowerPrep Practice Tests by ETS – Free.
  • GRE Prep by Magoosh

Kaplan is one of the best prep books for GRE if you are starting today. Apart from the thorough course content, you will get practice tests and full length mock.

If you compare GRE with the Indian level exams, it is not that difficult. Although the math section is easy, the vocabulary section is quite difficult and challenging as well.

If the vocabulary section is strong, then you can attempt the test without much prep. However, we suggest you join any online course before you write this exam since the cost of the application is quite high.

Study Smart and Score Better!

During GRE prep, the most important thing is the conceptual clarity, which you can easily strengthen if you go through the mentioned books. And hence, ensure a thorough understanding of the content and make the best use of it.  

Moreover, as per the research, we will suggest you start preparation using McGraw-Hill Education Conquering GRE Math, Third Edition. 

This best GRE prep book will help you to build your basic skills and then you can go for the advanced topics. Getting into a top institute is what you pine for, moreover, for this, McGraw Hill is the ideal choice. 

GRE preparation requires dedication along with regular practice. In the end, this guide will surely help you to choose the best book out of the suggested ones