Best GMAT Prep Courses: Reviewed For 2020 – Preparation Guide for Higher Studies

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Choosing the Best GMAT Prep Course is a significant decision that will boost up your preparation and secure your place in a leading business school. 

During this preparation time, you will learn a lot and so it is imperative to get your hands into the best study materials that will match your learning style and help you to strategize your exam. 

But we have come up with Good News!

After thorough research and revision of different course materials, we have envisaged the best GMAT prep course to sort things out for you. 

The GMAT tutorials have come up with free as well as paid courses. Moreover, these courses are designed for both beginners as well as advanced learners. 

So stay tuned and go through this article with rapt attention!

Our Top 3 Picks For Best GMAT  Prep Course 

It comes with a handy user-friendly online portal. Because of this ease, students can easily check their progress in the dashboard and can read the online lessons, practice questions, stream the live lectures and many more.

Princeton is also among the top coaching institutes for GMAT preparation. The entire course curriculum is segregated into smaller blocks with a unique approach. You will get 8 full length to practice tests & discussion.

Kaplan is a leading name when it comes to the best GMAT online course. It comes with a bunch of practice model questions so that you will get a vivid idea about the GMAT question pattern and then improve those areas.

6 Best GMAT Prep Course For 2020

#1. Magoosh

Your Major Takeaways:

  • This platform will bridge the gap between you and the letter of acceptance.
  • The online courses will help you to boost your preparation and fast track your career.
  • You will learn all the lessons from the best faculty starting from the basics to the advanced level.
  • All the live classes will be available at the online portal once you log in.
  • The online course content is both mobile as well as desktop friendly.


  • As per the latest review, the course curriculum is not that comprehensive.

Course Duration: 

The course duration is variable.


The GMAT course material at Magoosh is available at a discounted rate and the students can access the live lectures, practice tests, along with mocks for one year.

#2. Princeton

Your Major Takeaways:

  • This course covers both practice questions along with solutions as per your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You will get thorough guidance from the mentor and take proctor tests, single tests, mocks.
  • Moreover, a customized daily study plan is there to help you strategize your mocks and prepare you for the D day.
  • It provides three kinds of guarantees namely Readiness Guarantee, Satisfaction Guarantee, and Money Back Guarantee.


  • The course is not mobile supportive.
  • It comes with short term access.

Course Duration: 

The course duration is self-paced.


The course material is available at 149$ and accessible for 120 days.

#3. Kaplan

Your Major Takeaways:

  • You will get a wide range of courses along with personal mentoring.
  • The entire study material will be delivered to your house and you will get access to the best GMAT online course.
  • Moreover, you will get full-length practice tests along with practice questions.
  • Online GMAT channel is there where you can interact with the experts.
  • Also, offline resources are available.


  • The course module is expensive.
  • It provides limited mobile access.

Course Duration: 

The course content of Kaplan is almost 180 hours of full-length computer tests along with practice questions.


It provides a few discounts that keep the initial price at a lower rate.

#4. Exam Pal

Your Major Takeaways:

  • Being the Best GMAT Prep Course in an online platform, it comes with an intuitive study planner.
  • It focuses on three lines namely Precise, Alternate, and Logical.
  • Every topic will be discussed from scratch.
  • Students will be mentored on how to take the mock tests.
  • Expert guidance will be there based on the scores.


  • Although it is one of the Best GMAT Prep Course platforms in the market, the course fees are quite expensive.

Course Duration: 

ExamPal delivers the entire course content in 100-120 hours.


There are three types of plain available like Genius, Premium and the Quant plan. The price range varies based on your chosen plan.

#5. Manhatten Prep

Your Major Takeaways:

  • The most important part is that you will get the best GMAT prep books at an affordable range.
  • Apart from this, there are free resources available to other students.
  • Coaching in both offline as well as online mode.
  • Good quality practice tests along with mocks.


  • The free application is not available.
  • Payments that are made are nonrefundable.

Course Duration: 

The course duration varies on the basis of the program you choose.


The courses are available at different price ranges based on the plan. Hourly tutoring is available for which 255$ is charged.

#6. The Economist

Your Major Takeaways:

  • It gives one of the best GMAT prep course at a reasonable range in which you will get a 7 days free trial.
  • The mode of the curriculum is quite flexible available both online as well as offline mode.
  • Live interaction with the faculty.
  • You will get more than 5000 tests.
  • Moreover, it is mobile friendly.


  • This short term course is not so effective since it lacks some of the important features.

Course Duration: 

The course duration varies on the basis of the plan.


The fee structure is $199 for one month, $299 for three months, and $549 for 12 months.

The Best GMAT Study Material

GMAT is a standard exam to get admission into the recognized B schools for different management courses. The test is conducted across 110 countries and for the best GMAT prep course, you should catch hold of the good study content that covers the entire syllabus. 

  • The first and foremost source can be the GMAT Official Guide. It is released by GMAC and this covers the previous GMAT exams along with 220 new types of questions.
  • Secondly, you can rely on the GMAT Prep Plus plan.
  • The sixth edition of Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy set us available.
  • Go through the PowerScore GMAT Reading Comprehension Bible of 2019 edition. This is one of the best GMAT prep course materials.

A Handful of Expert Tips To Crack GMAT 

Cracking GMAT on the very first attempt requires sheer hard work, proper strategy, and time management. If you master these three habits and perform accordingly, then the ball is on your court. So let’s have a look at some of the pro tips which might help you to ace the GMAT test.

  • Knowing the exam format and pattern of questions asked in GMAT on a yearly basis.
  • Get the best GMAT prep course material from an authentic source.
  • Hit the Quant section while attempting your mocks.
  • Begin your preparation from the official guide and then jump on the study materials.
  • After that, move to the Verbal section.
  • Practice regularly so that you stay in touch with the topics.
  • Rectify your mistakes and revise the weak areas where you have made repeated mistakes in the mock tests.
  • Schedule your GMAT accordingly as you might have semester exams at your college.
  • Don’t set the ultimate target initially. Go step by step. Set your target on the basis of strong and weak areas and talk with your mentors regarding the same.
  • Try to give more and more mock tests as test day approaches.

FAQ’S – Best GMAT Prep Course

The most important factors that you should consider while taking an exam like GMAT is listed below

  • Be it a short term preparation or long term, focus on the main topic is most important.
  • First, strengthen your basics and then move to the high-level questions.
  • Daily revision is a mandate so that you maintain continuity in the process.
  • Take short breaks during studies and avoid study for a long time.
  • Practice sectional tests and then go for mocks.
  • Start with easy level mocks and then move to the advanced level.
  • Stay calm and focused and don’t lose motivation if you are scoring less in mocks.
  • Analyze the mocks and hit on the weak areas.

There is no such thumb rule for a good score. But if you are getting more than 600, then you are better than most of those who appeared and you have a very good chance to get into a decent college.

The best GMAT prep course will help you to hone your skills. It only provides you formal training with diligent mentorship and course materials. Rest depends on your dedication, practice, mock taking strategy, and time management.

On average students need to spend at least 170-180 hours for a span of 3 months in their studies. This may vary to some extent depending on the daily work schedule. If an individual is working in an organization the duration might increase. For a college student, the duration might decrease. 

Well if money is not a constraint, then you can surely go for this. Mostly the test series is really made as per the latest pattern and so you don’t need to study the regular GMAT books available in the market. Mostly the Quant and Reasoning sections are nicely poised.

Studying GMAT is not a difficult task if you are confident and focused on a particular track. But you need to follow some general guidelines mentioned below.

  • Get the study materials from a trusted source.
  • Ensure kick starting with your preparation earlier than required.
  • Study the quant section from the basics. Begin with the solved examples and then move to the exercise questions. 
  • Make a proper time table for the weekdays as well as weekends. This is mostly recommended for working professionals.
  • After quants, focus on the verbal section.
  • Practice the analytical writing section on alternate days.
  • Then prepare for the integrated reasoning portion of the test.
  • Break up your study plan and don’t read a particular subject throughout the day.
  • After completing all the sections, start giving sectional tests and then analyze it on your own. Go through the free videos on YouTube or the official GMAT guide.
  • After completing the sectionals, go ahead with the mocks. This will surely boost up your preparation and help you to maximize your score.

It’s Your Turn Now!

Well, this is all about the best GMAT prep course available in the market. So, it’s time to kick start your preparation and get rid of the monotonous technical work life. Well, this is completely a new phase, and hence, ensure to start early and stay ahead. However, before joining any random coaching institute going through this blog will help you in knowing the best institutes available in your vicinity. 

Also, you can join it immediately if it fits your budget. The price structure may vary but the course content remains the same. Moreover, as mentioned earlier courses are available at discounted rates. And hence, hurry up and grab the best deal and embark on the new journey.