Kaplan Vs Princeton Review – Perfect Choice For MCAT 2020

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The MCAT course focuses on conceptual understanding and it does not focus on useless memorization. All the correct strategies are taught in this course. This is the reason behind the glorious results of students. The discussion of the present article is all about the Kaplan Vs Princeton Review MCAT.  Both of these courses are famous when it comes to the MCAT exam. These two companies are popular for years for providing precise training for the MCAT exam.

In the MCAT course, all teaching methods are enhanced and the curriculum is made fully immersive for the benefits of students.  Once the test day of MCAT comes, everything feels like prepared. 

Basically, the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is recognized as a standardized, multiple-choice exam regulated by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). This exam is a requirement for taking admission to almost all medical schools present in the US and Canada.  

There are more than 80,000 applicants to American as well as Canadian medical schools who attend this exam and also submit their MCAT scores. 

Right from 2015 till now, this exam is recognized as a reasoning-based exam with a covering of basic knowledge. It is known that the MCAT exam will assess your know-how of behavioral, natural, and social science concepts along with principles. Moreover, this course highly analytical things skills and problem-solving skills.

Structure Of MCAT Exam

There are 4 sections in MCAT. They cover the subjects listed below:

  1. Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  2. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (MCAT CARS)
  3. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  4. Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior

In this exam, there are 230 questions. The duration of the test is 7 hours and 30 minutes. If you are intending to apply to a health profession’s school like allopathic, podiatric, osteopathic, and/or veterinary medicine, this exam is essential.

Any international students can appear for this exam. Whenever you are applying to any health-related program which would accept MCAT exam results, this course is mandatory.  

You can apply for this course if you have already enrolled in an MBBS degree program or in case you own a degree in Bachelor of Surgery or Bachelor of Medicine.

Kaplan Vs Princeton Review : Best Prep Courses For MCAT

The Kaplan vs Princeton Review is top-rated for their MCAT prep courses. Both of these courses are included in the top tier for the best prep courses for MCAT

Before several years, both these services were established to present classroom services. In recent times, both of them have updated their course to benefit the students. 

Both these classroom offerings are still present around. Moreover, they have included an online version of the MCAT course, live training, etc. This means that students can be a portion of a course conducting at scheduled times with a live instructor. 

In the present Kaplan Vs Princeton Reviewyou will get to know which one is best prep course for MCAT. The corresponding review will highlight the features and benefits of each of these courses for appearing in the MCAT exam. 

There is the inclusion of big sets of practice tests and books. With the tutoring package, both these courses uniquely benefit the students. 

Let’s take a look at the in-depth details of the Princeton Review Vs Kaplan MCAT:     

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Kaplan Vs Princeton : At A Glance 

The course of MCAT is actually time-consuming, and some students may find difficult to crack it. There are many students who cannot clear this course from the first try. The considerable time, as well as money cost linked with retaking, has facilitated students to be extremely choosy for enrolling for the respective courses. 

Enrolling in this course via Princeton or Kaplan will increase the students’ chances of passing. It is known that Princeton and Kaplan are the famous market leaders whenever the matter comes to test-prep as well as educational services. 

Anyone you pick in the Princeton Vs Kaplan,  both of them are leaders. In terms of test preparation services and test prep assistance for the course named MCAT, these two courses are leading ones. 

When you want to understand the features of Kaplan or Princeton it is important to understand the essential difference between the two.  Based on tutoring sessions, books covered, mentoring provided and many more aspects, each of these courses differs from one another.

Let’s take a look at the individual details of Princeton Review and Kaplan Review for MCAT course:   

Princeton : Head To Head Review

When discussing the MCAT , it is important to understand the overview of Princeton when it comes to the MCAT course. 

The Princeton is recognized as a highly famous educational organization that offers all-inclusive tutoring resources for a broad range of tests. Whether the test is easy or difficult, the Princeton will help you get flying colors in the MCAT course.

There are many different sub-subjects covered along with a comprehensive curriculum. Princeton MCAT Course Features: 

Listed below are the important features of the Princeton MCAT Course

Princeton Review

  • 123 hours of encompassing live content and strategy instruction
  • A total of 11 MCAT books provided for course preparation
  • There are thousands of questions along with in-depth explanations
  • Comes with the online practice tests that include all releases from AAMC
  • Includes online instruction tools like MedFlix, Med School Advantage, Diagnostic Exams, and more.
  • In case you are dissatisfied with your result and willing to repeat the MCAT course, it is possible to do so for free. But, this would only apply if you have attended all the essential classes and followed the instructions.

Class Time: 

The class time duration is important to know while carrying out the Kaplan Vs Princeton Review Mcat.  Except for the live online course of Princeton, every other MCAT prep courses given by this well-known company come with appropriate classroom duration. 

The famous course named the Princeton Strategy comes with a total of 44 hours of classroom duration. This amount of time is quite higher than that offered by its competitor Kaplan. 

Moreover, the Ultimate course comes with a large course duration of 123 hours. It is known that the live classroom TPR MCAT preparation course provides approx. 34 class sessions. 

Each of these sessions would continue for up to 3 hours. Furthermore, there is the inclusion of 123 hours of live instruction. This one is considered the finest Princeton MCAT course. In addition to the above courses, there is also an MCAT Strategy Course. This course comprises of 22 class sessions. 

All these sessions focus on the application of strategies to answer every type of question. Generally, the in-person class has a length of a semester. In that, a student needs to attend 3 days per week for a duration of 3 hours in each session. 

Moreover, there is a concentrated Summer Immersion course and a small course presented during a break in December.   

Online Test: 

Princeton Vs Kaplan

In the Princeton MCAT Course, there are 7 complete subject guides included. Moreover, it comes with 3 online practice tests. Each online test enhances the capability of students for facing the actual exam. 

All the online tests are being led by more than 510 course instructors. Students can easily learn the strategies to score 510 marks or even more. 

Practice Exams: 

Princeton Review

There are 14 full-length practice exams comprising of the leading AAMC official exams. Each of the full-length practice exams increases the skill of students and prepares them for the actual exam.


Princeton Costing

The MCAT Ultimate Course from TPR is known to be the most comprehensive course. It comes at a price of $2,799 in the majority of the locations. 

Another course i.e. MCAT Strategy Course is priced at $2,299. Moreover, the MCAT Self-Paced Course comes at a price of $1,699. It is possible to get discounts on some of these courses. 

You can check the website of Princeton MCAT to get more idea about the pricing. 

Books They Use: 

It is important to know about the books Princeton use before making a decision. Let’s look at the books used by the Princeton:

 Other Resources: 

In addition to the aforementioned books, there are some other resources used by Princeton Review for the MCAT exam. There is an online dashboard helping you to prepare a custom schedule for the study times. 

If a student scores high, it gives him//her chances to go for any TPR MCAT prep course once again provided they want to improve their score. Princeton Review Other Courses They Offer: Below is the list of other courses offered:

  • GRE Prep
  • SAT & ACT Prep
  • College: SAT ACT AP exams, SAT, PSAT
  • Graduate: GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT, OAT

Why Princeton?

The features and benefits of the Princeton may make students go for it. The unique specialties of this course are highlighted in this section of Princeton MCAT Review. 

The Princeton Review MCAT makes sure the content for the course is readily available. It makes teachers available for the in-depth class as well as into the TPR books.  

There is the availability of several tools to upgrade your score. Unlike the Kaplan Review MCAT, the Princeton one makes sure you don’t spend extra money or lavishly on the course materials once you have fully paid for the full course. 

There is the availability of all necessary books and resources. Moreover, it comes with the MCAT practice tests. The students can use a few individual MCAT Private Tutoring. This will benefit them to pay lesser which can be otherwise higher for Kaplan charges. 

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Kaplan : Head To Head Review

Before proceeding for the decision on the Kaplan Vs Princeton, it is important to know the overview of the Kaplan MCAT review.  Among the pre-med students, this course is the most popular. 

For any beginners, this course is very useful and feature-rich.  The Kaplan classes are conducted in more cities. This aspect makes Kaplan a preferred option for carrying out a live MCAT prep course. All included content and subject curriculum is well designed and successful at helping students with the required material.  

Kaplan MCAT Course Features: Listed below are the important features:

  • The Kaplan MCAT Course comes with the in-person options
  • It comes with 3 hours of tutoring mentioned in its Plus package
  • The Kaplan MCAT preparation course options are considered as the decent choices if you are habituated to learn better within a traditional classroom setting
  • There is the inclusion of 2 LSAT test prep books along with their online as well as in person LSAT prep courses
  • For the benefits of students, it comes with score-boosting tactics
  • Includes the best tutor support
  • Includes interactive Qbanks that quickly adapts to your skills to the customized homework
  • Gives chances to students for consistent improvement
  • Separate attention to each student from the most educated teachers in the test preparation

Class Time: 

The Kaplan MCA review comes with a total of 540 hours. This duration includes instruction as well as online practice. There are 13 class sessions along with 14 full-length practice tests. Kaplan also includes AAMC’s full-length practice tests. These tests are mandatory for students to get succeed. 

Online Test: 

Kaplan provides a live MCAT preparation course that would continue for one semester. Generally, in that, students need to attend 2-3 hour classes for a duration of 2-3 days per week. Moreover, there are a few optional schedules focusing more on the weekend. Alternatively, they add more weekday sessions to increase the choice options for students. 

Practice Exams: 

As with TPR, Kaplan offers 14 full-length tests including the top-rated AAMC official exams. Along with the AAMC exams, TPR’s proprietary full-length tests are considered top-notch. If you miss a session, you can make it up by listening to a recording of the class. 


Generally, the standard MCAT Prep In Person Course comes at a price of $2,499. Kaplan also offers MCAT Live Online course priced at $2,499 and there is an MCAT Self-Paced course priced at $1,999. – Books They Use: When you look at the names of books used by Kaplan Review MCAT, your decision for kaplan vs princeton review mcat books becomes easy. Let’s look at the books used by the Kaplan Review MCAT:

  • MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review: Online + Book, 2020-21 – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT 528: Advanced Prep for Advanced Students, Online + Book, 2019-20, 468 pages – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT Flashcards + App, 2,004 cards – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT General Chemistry Review: Book + Online, 2020-21, 512 pages – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review, 2020-21, 336 pages – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review: Book + Online, 2nd edition, 336 pages – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT Behavioral Sciences Review, 4th edition, 2017 – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT Behavioral Sciences Review, 2020-21: Book + Online, 528 pages – Buy Now On Amazon 
  • Kaplan MCAT Organic Chemistry Review: Book + Online, 352 pages – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT Physics and Math Review: 1st edition, 464 pages – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT Physics and Math Review 2019-20, Book + Online, 512 pages – Buy Now On Amazon
  • Kaplan MCAT Biology Review 2020-21, Book + Online, 512 pages – Buy Now On Amazon

Other Resources: 

In addition to the listed books, the Kaplan MCAT preparation course also includes some other resources. The course presents access to the MCAT Channel as well as their QBank including 11,000 practice questions. 

These question books can be easily accessed online. Also, there is a facility of flashcard app and digital books and a flashcard pp. Students can easily access 130 interactive science videos. Kaplan also assists you to make a customized study plan that focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of students. 

Kaplan Other Courses They Offer: 

The accountancy courses, banking & finance courses, bookkeeping courses, and tax courses are some of the other courses provided by Kaplan. Accountancy courses:

  • AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians)
  • ACA – ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)
  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
  • CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)

  Banking and finance courses:

  • CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst)
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • CISI Capital Markets Programme (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment)

  Bookkeeping courses:

  • AAT Bookkeeping Qualifications
  • ACA Practical Bookkeeping

  Tax courses:

  • ATT Association of Taxation Technicians
  • CTA Chartered Tax Adviser
  • ATT CTA Tax Pathway
  • ACA CTA Joint Programme

Why Kaplan? 

In case you don’t think you require a full course, but prefer some intense review of Physics, Organic, or Verbal then Kaplan MCAT course is the best. Such courses are more affordable than a full course. Kaplan offers easy access to QBank. 

In case you don’t much focus on the additional tools and don’t have time for them then the Kaplan course for MCAT is better. If you want a classroom experience that provides full-length tests as well as a collection of books then Kaplan MCAT is a good choice. 

Moreover, it allocates an MCAT prep teacher for students who assist them a lot. The Kaplan teachers are better at assisting the students with fundamentals and each concept. All the necessary books are made available. There is also the availability of live course options.  

It’s Your Turn! 

The choice for either Kaplan Vs Princeton Review MCAT depends on the students. Kaplan provides few high-end, premium options when it comes to intensive option and tutoring. When students are looking for additional subject area review books as well as group tutoring package the Princeton Review MCAT is a better option.  

It is a good idea to go for Princeton Review since it comes with all the better books with easy-to-understand explanations. Choosing any of these options depends on the needs and budget of students.