Rafael Nadal, undefeated, won his 14th French Open title

“I do not know what will happen in the future, but I’m going to continue to fight to keep trying,” he said. But there was no guarantee, Nadal later clarified at a news conference that he did not want to continue playing in matches with painkillers or numb legs.

“Everyone knows how important this match is to me,” he said. “That’s the only way to give me a chance here, is not it? So I did it. And I can not be happier, and I can not thank my doctor for all the things he did in my tennis life, he helped me in every difficult moment. But I can compete with foot sleep. It is obvious that can not contain.

In search of a long-term solution, Nadal said he would undergo a procedure this weekend called radioactivity removal, in which radio waves are transmitted through a hollow needle inserted into a vein in his left foot. . If the process is active, it is uncertain, the heat coming from the radio waves can block the nerves from sending pain signals to the natal brain.

“If it works, I’m going to keep going; If that doesn’t work, it’s a different story, ”Nadal said, refusing to take too many painkillers to play at Wimbledon starting in three weeks.

Nadal said he would have to ask himself tough questions about whether he would like to risk his future in the sport and leg surgery if the treatment did not work, which he said would “compete again” and “take over” his movement. Recover from a long time “.

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“We’ll do all my tennis careers step by step like I did,” he said of the decision-making process, refusing to play at Wimbledon.

He was definitely ready for more tennis against Root, picking up speed and accuracy as the match progressed. Nadal did not perform well at first and was sometimes far from his best form, missing his serve in the middle of the net with two double errors and an off-rhythm forehand forced error in the third game. But Root struggled to find his way, looked bitter and limited on key points in the starting set, and then faltered at key points in the later stages after he worked through his nerves.

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