Rafael Nadal vs Taylor Fritz Wimbledon 2022 Quarter Final Live Highlights

Rafael Nadal vs Taylor Fritz Wimbledon 2022 Quarter Final Live Highlights:The 4th set is now back on serve, with Fritz Nadal breaking for the second time to make up for his two service losses to the Spaniard. Taylor Fritz had an early advantage as she took the third set 6-3.Rafael Nadal produced some vintage tennis to win the second set 7-5. He was not in the best physical shape and had to take a medical stint. Rafael Nadal got an early break in the second set and went 3-0 up, but just like in the first set, Fritz fought back to make it 5-5 before Nadal broke back for a second time to win the set. Earlier,Taylor Fritz took the opening set 6-3 and shocked everyone with a huge comeback. Rafael Nadal, who broke Taylor Fritz in the first game, held his serve early in the first set to cement his advantage.But Fritz broke in the sixth game to make it 3-3 and won five games in a row to win the set. Nadal, the second seed, is on course to win his third Wimbledon title this year. She has already won the Australian Open and French Open titles this year and wants to add the Wimbledon title to her kitty. His last win on the hallowed turf of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club was in 2010.

Rafael Nadal vs Taylor Fritz live blog

10:36pm: A brilliant effort by Nadal to break Fritz’s serve again as he pushes him to deuce, but the American eventually holds and is now one game away from winning the quarter-finals.

10:30pm: Nadal’s weak and wobbly serve is returned, Fritz breaks for the second time to make it 4-4. Important service game for Americans right now.

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10:25pm: Fritz holds back at 3-4 and the onus is on Nadal to win the set and make it within a game.

10:21 PM: Nadal is 4-2 on course to take the match to a deciding set.

10:17 PM: Confident service game from Fritz, 2-3 in the 4th set.

10:14 PM: Nadal is stretched by Fritz there, but he produces two exotic drop shots to get out of trouble and eventually go 3-1 up in the 4th set.

10:09 PM: Nadal creates the perfect return game and breaks Fritz for the second time to go up 2-1. He must now make the most of this lead.

10:03pm: Fritz is broken immediately after Nadal forces a deuce on serve and it’s tied at 1-1.

9:57 PM: Rafael Nadal breaks Fritz early in the 4th set to go up 1-0.

9:50 PM: Taylor Fritz holds her serve to take the third set 6-3 and now needs just one set to advance to the semifinals.

9:42 PM: Nadal holds back to keep it 3-4 and continues to hang on in the third set.

9:35 PM: Taylor Fritz holds his serve and Nadal holds his serve to keep the third set at 2-3.

9:27 PM: Rafael Nadal concedes an early break in the third set and Taylor Fritz leads 2-1.

9:20 PM: Rafael Nadal breaks serve to make it 1-0 in the third set.

9:15 PM: All is even in the match as Rafael Nadal produces vintage tennis to get the better of Taylor Fritz. He broke the American at the net with a fine volley to take the second set 7-5.

9:12 PM: And great rally and Nadal finally gets the point. Fritz’s court coverage is unique and that has put pressure on the Spaniard. But the hero was in the right place.

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9:10 PM: Nadal serves well, looks like he’s in some discomfort but he hangs in there. The Spaniard leads 6-5.

9:04 PM: Fritz makes it 5-5 and Nadal should hold on

8:58 PM: Nadal comes back after the medical timeout and Fritz breaks serve for 4-4. The Spaniard then produced a good service game to make it 5-4.

8:52 PM: Rafael Nadal looks in some discomfort and seems to have taken a medical time off. He leaves the court and the Fritz camp seems unhappy there. The American is in great form.

8:50 PM: Big relief for Nadal and his camp there. He had to save a few break points to hold serve there. The Spaniard has now improved to 4-3.

8:44 PM: Taylor Fritz holds serve with ease to make it 3-3. Getting past the American tonight looks like a tough task for Nadal.

8:39 PM: Rafael Nadal is under pressure here as Taylor Fritz breaks the second set 2-3. It looks like it will be a tough quarter-final for Nadal.

8:30 PM: Nadal holds serve to make it 3-0. Fritz has his work cut out now.

8:26 PM: Rafael Nadal capitalizes on Fritz’s errors to make it 2-0 with an early break of serve. He must remember that Fritz came back from the same scoreline to take the first set.

8:21 PM: Rafael Nadal holds his serve in the opening game of the 2nd set.

8:18 PM: What an official service game as Fritz and Fritz take the first set 6-3 to make it 5 games.

8:15 PM: A double fault by Nadal gives Taylor Fritz a second break and he will serve for the set at 5-3.

8:10 PM: Fritz goes up 4-3 as Nadal holds on despite the Spaniard charging late in the game. He leads for the first time.

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8:04 PM: As it is Fritz breaks Nadal to level the score at 3-3

8:03 PM: Rafael Nadal is pushed to the boundary in this game. 0-40 down but the Spaniard comes back to level it at deuce.

7:56 PM: Fritz does very well to hold on to a tough service game. Nadal looked to grab another break but Fritz slammed the door on the Spaniard.

7:53 PM: Fritz is starting to cover the court better now but Nadal is very good now. He is using all the energy he has now. We haven’t seen Nadal in a while, and with a powerful smash, the Spaniard easily holds again to lead 3-1.

7:49 PM: Fritz holds his serve. It was a command capture from the American. If he wants to mount a challenge against Nadal, he needs to get his first serve.

7:44 PM: Nadal is now in cruise control mode. He serves with gusto and his base play is on the money. Fritz commits several unforced errors early in the match. His shots are yet to put any pressure on Nadal. And the Spaniard holds his serve to 15. It’s 2-0 Nadal

7:42 PM: Nadal starts with a band and he’s on a service break. Not Fritz’s best game. He couldn’t get the angles right making too many unforced errors.

7:39 PM: It’s a trademark Nadal forward down and the Spaniard earns the first point


7:35 PM:A loud roar from the crowd as Nadal runs onto the court as Fritz opens serve in the first set.

7:30 PM: Hello and welcome to live coverage of Rafael Nadal vs Taylor Fritz Wimbledon quarterfinals. As both players arrive at center court, the action is about to begin.

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