Ref Mark Goddard explains Jiri Proszka’s plates during the UFC 275 fight with Glover Teixeira

At least for a moment, the newly made UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jiri Prosaska Too light – seemed to submit Clover Dixiera At the main event UFC 275.

Not so fast, says Mark Goddard, who oversaw Saturday’s pay-per-view main event. The senior referee said there was a big difference between what Prochazka did – and lightly tapping Teixeira on the side of his body when Teixeira hit him from the top – and a fighter.

“Lol,” Goddard responded to a fan question about the move on Twitter. “Jiri really greeted [and] Encourage her opponent! He did it twice, I told him it was a dangerous game! But it is clear what he did and what he did not do. Let’s celebrate the incredible achievement of two gentlemen.

The only official submission recorded in the fight came in the fifth round, with Prosaska Dixiera and Pin-naked choke cinched without hooks. This is his fourth career submission in more than 30 fights.

Prosaska, in fact, talked to Dexira in the middle of the fight and revealed that he had played mind games with her. He did not mention his “promotion” during the press conference and was not asked about it.

The light heavyweight champion would not be the first fighter to make such contact and confuse the crowd. UFC Hall of Fame Randy Kottur Famously tapped enemy Tito Ortiz At the rear end during the winning process at UFC 44 Matt Lindland Against Murillo Bustamonde At UFC 37Tapping on the armor was completely missed by the referee John McCarthyBustamante triggers a two-over that requires a second submission to win.

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Dixiera does not oppose the fight-end sequence or anything that leads to it. He demands competition again with the new champion.

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