Ryan Kelly: The FBI has arrested a Michigan Republican candidate for governor on charges of involvement in the Jan. 6 riots.

Kelly, 40, of Allendale, Michigan, was arrested in Allentale on charges of “January 6, 2021 coming from a capital violation,” according to Bill Miller, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia.

Kelly was released on bail after appearing first in federal court in Michigan late Thursday. He greeted his supporters outside the court after his release and raised his thumb and hugged them, local reporters at the scene said.

The Detroit FBI Field Office confirmed Kelly’s arrest and said his home was searched Thursday morning.

“I can confirm that FBI agents from the Grand Rapids office have executed the arrest and search warrant at Mr Kelly’s home in Allendale, MI. At this time, I can not provide any information on the nature of the charges against Mr Kelly,” said Mara Schneider. , The public relations officer for the FBI’s Detroit office, in a written statement, said he expects more information to “come”.

CNN has approached Kelly’s campaign.

In 2020, Kelly, a real estate broker, began leading rallies against Govt-19 locks and orders in Michigan. According to his website. He said he led rallies against Govt restrictions at State Capital and Grand Rapids in Lansing.

The governor’s candidate added that during the protests in the summer of 2020, “I defended a civil war statue in his hometown of Allendale.”

Republicans are playing a crowded field to confront Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer. One of the most meticulously observed in the country These fall campaigns.

Kelly’s arrest adds another twist to the already tumultuous Republican primary fight. This comes after the Michigan Court of Appeals earlier this month rejected attempts by two Republican candidates to put their names on the governor’s primary ballot in August.

Candidates businessman Perry Johnson and financial adviser Michael Margie filed lawsuits after the Michigan Canvasser Board blocked it last month, which was decided by the state election bureau. Five governor candidates Not enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.

The court’s unanimous decision was a major setback for the affected candidates, including former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who filed legal challenges in an attempt to renew their campaigns. Kelly was not among the candidates affected by the signature issue.

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The signature issue drove the race for governor in Michigan, two months before the primary in August.

This story has been updated with additional information.

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