The Dow fell again and in 2022 the shares continue to be in bad shape

The Dove Lunch traded down nearly 350 points, or 1.1%. Blue chips are now down almost 15% this year.
The S&P 500It is dangerously close to a 20% fall January 3rd was the highest ever And in a bear market, down 0.8%. Technology-heavy Nasdaq, Already in bear market area, slightly reduced. The Nasdaq is down 27% this year alone.
Cisco, part of the Dow, on Thursday reported a sell-off in forecasts and a weaker view, with major technology stocks losing big. Cisco (CSCO) The news dropped 12%.
But Coles (KSS) Shares traded up nearly 4% on Thursday Fighting chain Declared a major error in revenue and reduced its guidance.

The bad decisions of corporate leaders also raise the alarm bells. They have begun to predict a decline later this year or early 2023.

“What catalyst? What will help investors buy more and instill confidence in the market? I do not think there is anything right now,” said JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist with TasteTrade.

The VIX (VIX)The scale of Wall Street fluctuations has almost doubled this year. And this CNN Business Fear and Greed CodeVIX and looks at the other six levels of market sentiment, which show signs of extreme fear.

“Investors need to keep their seat belts tight. The period of this volatility is unlikely to end,” said Tom Calvin, chief investment officer at City National Rosdale.

“There is a long list of uncertainties,” Calvin added, citing the Federal Reserve’s policy of inflation and inflation, and concerns about the new Govt explosions in China and Russia’s aggression over Ukraine.

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Calvin said it would be better for investors to avoid speculative technology stocks and European stocks because of concerns about overestimation and a possible economic downturn. Instead, he recommends quality blue chip stocks that offer a fixed dividend.

Investors may be nervous about how market turmoil will affect large hedge funds and other institutional investment firms.

An important hedge fund, Melvin Capitol, Such as rising memes announced plans to close after betting against stocks Stop the game (GME) Timely purchase of travel stocks in 2021 and this year.
Traders bail out risky high-tech stocks, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Other investments that could benefit from the economic recovery.

“There is definitely more fear and anxiety,” said Don Pipidon, CEO and co-founder of Tradezero. “The crypto crash also has an impact. There is a wait-and-see approach. People are sitting on the sidelines for clear direction on where we are going.”

Conversely, investors are now turning to stocks that are considered the best hedges against inflation and in some cases beneficiaries. Rising interest rates.
The case? Oil stocks are big market winners This year. Chevron (CVX)More than 40%, the Top Dow is in stock, and is one of Warren Buffett’s four largest stocks. Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB)Which Loudly won the market This year.
Berkshire also a Great investor Inside Occidental Petroleum (OXY)It has more than doubled this year and is at its best in the S&P 500.

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