The McCarthy team prepares to win the speakership tonight and moves to order the House

Lawmakers in the US House of Representatives will hold a 13th round of voting in the US Capitol on Friday. (Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images)

Rank-and-file Republicans, who have backed Rep. Kevin McCarthy for speaker, believe momentum is on their side heading into tonight’s House speaker vote.

Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls told CNN, “We’re moving in the right direction,” but insisted Republicans need to get it done tonight so the House can come back on Monday and “do some work.”

“I hope we’re not here tomorrow, because I want to go home like everybody else. But let’s get this over with tonight, go home tomorrow, and come back Monday morning. Everyone else in America gets up at seven to go to work, to be here on Monday, let’s do some work, He said.

Representative of Nebraska. Don Bacon told reporters that the McCarthy allies “definitely have momentum.”

“As long as we get away and go in the right direction, I believe that’s tonight,” he said. “We definitely have the momentum. I think we still have one or two votes left, but that’s what they do.

Asked if Republicans could govern, Bacon replied, “Yes, but it’s not a positive start. I think Kevin McCarthy has a good point, though. We’re going to solve the problems now. If we can solve the problem now, it gives us a better chance to come out of this.” Puts in place.

House GOP conference chairwoman Elise Stefanik told CNN, “I believe Kevin McCarthy will be elected Speaker of the House, and I said that a year ago, a year and a half ago, two years ago.”

He praised much of their convention for rallying around McCarthy: “As you can see, Republicans are united today, and we’re working to remove Nancy Pelosi once and for all.”

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“I’m confident we’re in a better place,” he added.

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