Grammarly Free Trial – Best Grammar Checker

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Grammarly Free Trial

Last Updated: 26 March 2020

Grammarly Free Trial: Grammarly is basically an online free checker for grammar and spellings, which will help you to rectify your errors and mistakes. It further helps with other typos that get made while writing content. 

So, if you are a content writer or typist in general, it is advisable to use the Grammarly tool on a regular basis in order to proofread what you have already written. It might happen that you have a good command over the English language and grammar.

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Looking For Grammarly Free Trial?

Grammarly is basically an online free checker for grammar and spellings, which will help you to rectify your errors and mistakes. It further helps with other typos that get made while writing content. So, if you are a content writer or typist in general, it is advisable to use the Grammarly tool on a regular basis in order to proofread what you have already written. It might happen that you have a good command over the English language and grammar.

However, these irritating typos can be an intruder and can creep into anyone’s writing. So questions are lingering on your mind about what Grammarly is? Are they really worthwhile? That is what this article is all about and your doubts pertaining to the usefulness of Grammarly Free Trial will be clarified. Moreover, a vast percentage of writers use this tool for every small or big project they have got to get done.

Since this tool is so much popular, this article with everything you must know about Grammarly is worth reading.

Basic Overview of Grammarly

If you are into writing content or a regular blogger, then the term  Grammarly is quite familiar with you. It has more than 10 million active users worldwide and is still growing through leaps and bounds. Grammarly analyzes the writing which you wrote on your Google docs or any other medium and finds out the error. 

Grammarly trial or the free version gives a clear idea about all the basics like grammar, punctuation, as well as spelling. However, if you opt for a Grammarly Premium Trial you can make something creative and it will provide you with writing suggestions. It marks the wrong words by underlining them with red lines and when you put the cursor over that word, you are able to see suggestions to replace that wrong work with the right one.

There is a huge difference between compelling and sloppy writing. It goes through all the words and tells you if there is any spelling mistake. Moreover, it analyzes the entire document to tell you if there is any plagiarism in that content. Also, it tells you to improve the content by displaying certain tips, suggestions, and advice on the writing pattern. 

The “extra” Grammarly touch gives you why the mistake takes place and provides you a quick guide to get through it. It provides a better way than the average Microsoft Word spell checker. You will get the first-class tool to get your job done in a jiffy. Apart from this, the “extra” touch helps you with the length of the sentence and gives you unique insights to enhance the writing methodology.

So, if you wish to enhance your writing pedagogy, Grammarly can be the ultimate choice for you.

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Who can Benefit from free Grammarly Premium?

It doesn’t matter what kind of profession you are into like casual writing, hobby writing, professional writing, Grammarly is there to sort things out for you in all aspects. It could be emails, blogs, formal papers, social media posts or others. People from below-listed professions can highly benefit from the use of this tool:

  1. Students
  2. Content Marketers
  3. Bloggers
  4. Copywriters
  5. Business Writers

Key Usage of Grammarly

If you are into editing, you know the significance of writing in a subtle way with optimum accuracy. With the ushering of the digital era, we are more used to emojis and writing in a short format, you might be ignorant about the conventional approach of grammar. So, you need the proper usage of Grammarly.

The message you convey – Avoid Unusual Errors through Grammarly Premium Trial

Writing is a formal way to share your message or thoughts and so if you have better writing ability, then there are high chances that you work or the idea will be acknowledged. That means you have a clear way of expression. Do you agree on this with us?

Well, if the supervisor or the one who is checking or writing finds it difficult to understand the nuances of writing then there will be a huge problem in understanding. At this juncture, a tool just like Grammarly will help you to solve this problem without any sloppiness.

Writing Online is Portraying your Resemblance – Using Grammarly to make it Viable

We are into online activities on a daily basis and a majority of people, nowadays, have started full-time freelancing careers with online clients. Starting from writing blogs to writing researched articles, we tend to get stressed and don’t take the heck of proofreading and most of the professionals will come with certain negativity from this.

Grammarly will help you take the stress of proofreading and also double-checked words to ensure there won’t be an error from the writing domain. So, why won’t you portray yourself in an efficacious way when Grammarly is in store for you?

The simplest way to get your Spellings Checked – Use Grammarly

You have everything to gain if you can enhance your writing acumen using Grammarly Premium Free Trial. Therefore, produce impactful writing through proper use of Grammarly. A powerful grammar checker will make the content free from all sorts of typos, grammar issues, and spelling mistakes.

Major Takeaways from Grammarly

First, let’s spot the pros and why Grammarly Trial is recommendable. It is the best tool that can fetch you more clients and engage a good reader base for the blog you write.

But there are some limitations in this trial version.

Earn Some Instant Cash through Promotion of Premium Features

If you are into blogging or any author in a top-notch firm, you can go ahead and start some affiliate sales if Grammarly approves your joining request.

Grammarly can boost up the sales figure with the help of the review article and augments more organic traffic. And so it is a mandate before you jump to anything. Through the tests, you will get a detailed idea about the product and with this, you can evaluate the subscription rate. 

For Good Analysis

Grammarly comes with a money-back guarantee but you need to try it out with a free trial before you take the hassle of going for the premium one for future. You should use the Grammarly Free Trial to check whether the grammar checker tool is giving you the same feature as Adverts. How it will be supportive if you face any serious problem? These queries will be resolved if you go for the free trial. 

Hassle-Free Conversation between you and your Clients

If your organization deals with clients through incessant discussion via email, then you should opt for the Grammarly Business Plan. It comes with an admin console that helps you to check out your engagement with other employees and you can control the entire team for subscriptions, trends. So, it is mainly based on the analysis along with comparison and benefits. 

Getting Through Grammar Ethics

Grammarly teaches you with the ethics and some codes in which you don’t have that much knowledge. Moreover, it provides you with a text that is entirely devoid of mistakes and upgraded with good level English vocabulary and grammar.

You don’t need to take the heck of numerous rechecks before sending the document or the content. The browser plug-in feature is almost like the desktop and it helps you to solve the major doubts. But you will find the basic features in the Grammarly Free Trial version.

How Much Cost is incurred to buy the Premium version (Grammarly)?

Grammarly Free Trial

Grammarly is free and readily available without any limitation usage. You have no limit over how many texts you have to check or edit in how many trials. But in order to unlock the advanced features, you need to have the Premium version. The present price of Grammarly is available in the below-mentioned plans.

  • $11.66 a month when you pay annually ($139.95 in total)
  • $19.98 per month on paying quarterly
  • $29.95 per month on paying monthly.

Grammarly Business option is available at a price of $15 per month. In the premium version, you will get an additional admin panel along with the entire statistics of the team. Now you know the price range and you might be thinking whether the free version is enough to suffice your need? Well, it depends on your business and your workforce.

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How will you avail the Grammarly Free Trial?

In order to get a Grammarly Free Trial, it is necessary to sign in using the new Grammarly account. After this, you can use the referral system so that you can increase the period of usage for one week. There is another option you can choose for the affiliate program of Grammarly and also you have the option Grammarly Premium Free Trial, where you need to seek permission from the sales assistant through the official website.

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Grammarly Free Trial and its Exclusive Features

Grammarly Free Trial

Grammarly Free Trial is the best solution that Grammarly Inc came up with. For the newbies, it will provide a free Grammarly Trial for 7 and 30 days so that you can get acquainted before you jump to the premium plan. 

If you are perplexed with the Grammarly Premium version for free, then you can go ahead with the free trial account for Premium users. You will enjoy the under-mentioned benefits through the simple steps and hopefully, this will give your writing a new shape.

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Spelling Checker
  • Sentence Structure Detection
  • Desktop Software
  • Grammarly Keyboard for Android as well as iOS users
  • Readability score calculator
  • Tone Detector by Grammarly
  • Advanced Grammar Check System

How to use the Grammarly Premium Free Trial?

The Grammarly Premium Free Trial is a method that will work best for you if the newbie wants to test this tool before going ahead with the premium version. Although Grammarly premium is not at all free, it can serve your needs if you don’t have good communication skills. Previously, Grammarly has introduced a referral offer where users can earn free membership by passing on a unique link to their peers for signup purposes.

Through this, users used to get a trial service for one week with the premium benefits. But this method is abandoned now.

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How to get Grammarly Premium for Free in One Week Time-Period?

You are looking for a quick, authentic and simple method to avail the Grammarly Premium for free. Well, here is a step by step solution on how to avail of a Grammarly Premium Free account. Make certain that you go with the under-listed crucial steps to acquire knowledge on the procedure:

  1. In order to begin, move to the official website of
  2. After that, you need to install the extension of Grammarly by pressing the green button.
  3. Then, enter all the mandatory details like the name and the email ID.
  4. On the next step, you need to hit on the free option. Now, you will get a week’s premium account which is a trial one.

How to Use Grammarly?

You might be confused and irritated that you need to copy the particular text into a whole new separate box in order to check the writing. However, that appears to be really exasperating. But calm down, there are other smarter ways to resolve this.

Grammarly Web Tool

The first and foremost thing is to copy. After that, paste the writing or the content into the Grammarly web tool. In order to do this, you have to hit the “New” option available on the dashboard. You will get redirected to a page, which is blank. Then, copy your writing to that particular page and within a few seconds, the software will analyze and makes the correction

Moreover, if you have a full-fledged document, then you need to upload that one into the site. Just you need to hit the Upload button in place of New. Thereafter, you have to choose a document from the PC and Grammarly will do the work.

Desktop App

If you like to examine your content or the write-up, you can do so via a desktop app. This is applicable if you are using Windows or macOS. You need to download this app if you move to the download page and go through the instruction methodology. Now, you need to use the tool in a similar fashion as the online version.

Microsoft Word

You need to incorporate the Grammarly tool inside Microsoft Word. However, during the time of writing this is present if you are using Windows. You need to go to the add-in-page and go through the generic instruction so that you can incorporate the extension to the Word. When you are using this, the add-in feature will analyze your content as you are typing.

In this way, Free Trial Grammarly can be used. This process doesn’t involve any hassle and intrigues you a lot. However, you need to have a stable internet connection when you are using Word.

Browser Extension

The easiest way to use the Free Grammarly Premium version can be the browser extension. You will come across a link available on the homepage connected to that extension. Otherwise, you can go ahead with Grammarly in the web store for Chrome. We have been personally using this extension for a long time now.

It not only helps in articles but it also, without any extra effort, puts suggestions or mark when a wrong word is typed during online chatting (such as on Facebook) or while typing an email or even while you are searching something on Google or reviewing any product online (such as Google or Amazon product reviews). So you don’t really have to open the software and check the text. It works on its own, which saves you a lot of time as well as energy.

You just have to incorporate the extension to Chrome similar to the other extensions. Now, it will analyze the entire content when you start using it on several websites. This covers Gmail as well as the Google Docs helping you while you are writing an email. There are other sites also where you can use it also.

Using Phone

Grammarly comes with a keyboard that you can use on your smartphone. It further shows compatibility when it comes to the Android as well as iOS platform. When the activation is done, this app will go through the writing when you write an email or any text message. As per our experience, it works in the same manner as explained above in the extension point.

You are able to type without worrying about the typos at first or voice record any text and edit it later while Grammarly does its work of marking those mistakes and giving its suggestions. Moreover, imagine how much time you are going to save while doing this.

It is quite beneficial if you want to find those typos which people tend to make casually. Moreover, using Grammarly Free Trial, you can enhance your typing speed.

What are the attributes that Grammarly Free Version has in store for you?

If you are looking for an online grammar tool, then the Grammarly premium version is what you can look for. Most important thing is that you can get this free of cost and the same thing you will get if you go for the paid version. 

But there are some surplus features which you will come across. Grammarly Premium comes with all sorts of checking parameters such as punctuation, grammar, sentence construction, along with the context. Apart from all these checks available in the free version, you can find the below add-ons as well.

  1. Inconsistency of Writing.
  2. Excessive use of words or over-exaggeration.
  3. Unclear Structure
  4. Inappropriate tone
  5. The casual approach of language
  6. Wordiness

Grammarly tells you the fact that the premium version that it provides has crossed all the boundaries to make sure what you write is error-free and engaging. 

However, no Grammarly tool gives you any sure that your writing will improve. They don’t have the feature to convert sloppy writing into a creative one. Grammarly Premium always comes up with the updated functions on a regular basis. 

When you use Grammarly over something we write, it always puts up some extra changes and meaningful suggestions into the text you upload. This is something that is not available in the free version. It has come up with information on the errors noticed in your writing and these are available in the popup box.

Is Grammarly a Proper Source?

As far as writing is concerned, this tool is not perfect. Obviously it won’t replace a professional writer. But it does a very stable job with what it’s designed for. So, it is essential to go with the Grammarly Free Trial first before you move ahead with the premium version. 

This free trial is perfect for those who are bloggers and students who are regularly involved in the mailing. Premium version is applicable for those who are professional in the field of writing and prefer a longer form of content.  

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