Grammarly Student Discount – Use the Premium Version within Your Budget

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Grammarly Free Trial

Last Updated: 26 March 2020

Grammarly Student Discount: Well, everyone loves to enjoy discounts. And, when it comes to software like Grammarly, it is a delight for the budding bloggers and writers since it will be a money saver if they opt for the annual plan of Grammarly. 

If you are a student or a freelancer, proofreading the content is a must to make the blog free from errors and making the reader understand. 

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Have you been searching for Grammarly Student discount codes or coupons? Whether you are dealing with your project or writing your research paper, it is essential to have proofreading software to make your task easy. And when it comes to utilizing Grammarly, it is one such extensive tool, which you can easily find on the internet. 

There are basically two forms of subscription available on the internet in which one is free and the second one comes under the paid subscription. Moreover, the paid plan comes with an abundance of features such as the Plagiarism Checker and Advanced Grammar option. 

Also, the Premium version is used for day to day use and considered as the most used proofreading software. This is somewhat more costly than the other contemporary software. Here is all you need to know:

Do Grammarly Provide Student Discount?

Well, everyone loves to enjoy discounts. And, when it comes to software like Grammarly, it is a delight for the budding bloggers and writers since it will be a money saver if they opt for the annual plan of Grammarly. If you are a student or a freelancer, proofreading the content is a must to make the blog free from errors and making the reader understand. 

Moreover, if your content is full of grammatical errors and lacks good vocabulary, then the reader might leave the page. That is the reason why Grammarly Student Account is introduced by Grammarly Inc for all the students as well as social media bloggers. You can access it on MS Word and also can be used as a Desktop application. 

Moreover, there are an ample number of fake articles as well as coupons available on the internet. Don’t rush from those for the sake of getting those misleading coupons. It’s time to avail of the authentic one containing all the major proofs. Most of the people don’t know about this, but there is a chance to get a good amount of discount on the Grammarly Premium Plan.

Sign Up For Grammarly. It's Free

How to Avail the Grammarly Education Discount?

  1. First of all, you have to register for the Grammarly Free Plan with the help of the affiliate link. This does not incur any cost. However, it’s time to go ahead with the writing.
  2. Now, you have to be a daily user of Grammarly. With the help of the free version, you can easily find out the common errors.
  3. Upon successful registration, you will get a weekly performance report from Grammarly. You have to look into this afterward. 
  4. Just after some days, you will find an offer available at the bottom of the performance report. This offer is available for a limited time, so you can’t afford to miss out on those.
  5. The next task is to press on the link marked as Claim this Offer or Go Premium, in order to get the discount instantly. 

How to get Codes for the Students Using Grammarly?

In order to get a Grammarly Coupon or codes for Grammarly student accounts, it is essential to move to the official page. There are many websites that talk about 70% of the Grammarly discount. These are not legal and come with misleading offers. Also, there is no such Grammarly lifetime deal. 

When you visit the official website, Grammarly will find you like the VIP reader and take you to the personalized message. You will see a message entitled “Grammarly education discount”. 

Attributes of Grammarly For Student

As per the latest studies, those students who use Grammarly used to get good grades, double salaries, and have a good prospective career. So, your long wait is over now. You just have to click on the designated link in order to download a copy of Grammarly along with Grammarly student discount coupons. Whether you are a student or a blogger, it is essential to write essays as well as good presentation devoid of errors. 

You won’t find any scope for punctuation or grammatical glitches or any plagiarised content. These things are available in the student account section. If Grammarly is added to your Google Doc, then you don’t have to worry about its or its’, you have to do those things which you like. Grammarly will take care of the remaining portion.

Since this is an online tool, you don’t have to worry about using it in the library or at the cafe. Moreover, this will also act as an effective plagiarism checker or finding out duplicate content for the students. 

Perks of Using Grammarly

At the inception, Grammarly is mainly used for correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical flaws. But later the developers incorporate some more functionality like plagiarism and the enhancement tool to finish the proofread. 

Get Good at Writing

If you are a good writer, Grammarly helps you to write a novel in a much faster way through weekly statistics, well-formed sentences, and premium checking options. You can understand the thesis with the fruitful support from real human proofreaders. It comes with various templates using which you can write articles on the basis of the topics or the subject. 

If you are writing something about your college magazine, you can use Grammarly in order to find out if there is any issue as per the writing pedagogy. Apart from this, you can also use this to check various blog posts, social media content, and many more.

Advanced Checker for Punctuation

A normal punctuation checker can be a make or break for you. But as far as the latest Grammarly review, you don’t have to worry about punctuation as well. It makes the writing clean as well as professional. Grammarly finds out the least possible punctuation errors no matter how long or short the sentences are. Apart from this, you have the option to download it or can be used online as well.

In-Built Proofreading and 400 Grammatical Errors’ rectification

Grammar and spellings form an integral part of students as well as professionals. With the help of this, you can check more than 400+ mistakes which generally don’t appear in your naked eye. This tool is tailor-made for those who have a flair for good language. Errors such as let and let’s, quite and quiet, sell and sale, etc won’t bother you again.

Moreover, Grammarly is termed as the best proofreader available so far with a real-time human-like touch. This is not available with other online proofreading software.

No need to worry about Punctuation errors

MS Word is considered to be the best application for writing but there are certain improvements that are not incorporated later. If you are searching for an effective grammar and free spelling check tool, then MS Word won’t serve all the purpose. If you are quite habituated with MS Word, Grammarly student discount comes with an extension known as MS Word add-in which can be incorporated inside it. 

Using this, you can correct grammar as well as spellings offline. It is equipped with free grammar as well as punctuation checker along with a premium version. 

Good Plagiarism Checker for essay writing

It might happen without intention that we have left a part of the text or any paragraph which has already been used somewhere else. This is known or called as plagiarized content. There are multiple means to avoid plagiarism and this is a matter of great concern for students as well as professors. It brings to you a big database containing 2 billion documents pertaining to any sort of topic. 

After that, it checks your write-up or the essay to know whether the content is original or not. It can protect you from future problems. Grammarly is considered to be the smartest picks as far as the online plagiarism tools are concerned. This is extensively used among college students in countries like the USA, the UK and other parts of Europe. 

However, this unique plagiarism checker is not readily available and so you can use the Grammarly student discount to avail it. Students who are in the final year use this to examine their projects, thesis, or research papers before they are sent for publishing. 

Moreover, this Plagiarism detection tool is used to detect duplicates in hundreds of offline as well as online copies present in the database to find out the percentage of duplicate content. Grammarly gives you the exact percentage of copied content along with a downloadable PDF.

Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

There should be a side by side review of the major features of the premium and the free version. You will surely get some help since this is the best grammar checker available along with the ability to proofread the article. 

Features of Grammarly Free Version

  • It comes with an AI-enabled grammar, spelling as well as a tool for checking the punctuation.
  • This comes with a browser integrated with MS Word integration.
  • There is a personal dictionary as well.
  • You will find 256 bit AES as well as TLS encryption for all your documents.
  • This is meant for only the user per account.
  • Moreover, this free version is mobile responsive as well.

Detection of Typos and Spellings

Apart from checking grammar and spelling, it detects typos and various other subtle errors which we tend to ignore like some confusing words or the use of commas. It implements an AI system that gives much more accurate results than the contemporary spelling checkers. Although it flags those words which are not under the purview of the AI system, the suggestion it provides is really beneficial. 

Talking about privacy, you can sit back and relax since Grammarly encrypts all the documents with the help of 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS. In other words, Grammarly doesn’t restrict you with any domain and so you can use it for your college project as well as with your personal work. 

In a nutshell, Grammarly free version is a major improvement over a general spelling checker which just proves that it is a beneficial tool not only for the creative writers but also for those who toils throughout the day to enhance their writing acumen.

Also Read How To Get Grammarly Free Trial.


  • It gives you full proof suggestions
  • This should be such that it relates to your writing objectives.
  • You can use it across various browsers as well as handsets.
  • This can fit inside MS Word as well.
  • It takes care of the American, Canadian, as well as British English methodology.


  • You won’t get any style statements for this.
  • This will give you feedback for the use of only basic words.
  • Ths web application doesn’t hold well when it comes to advanced formatting.
Grammarly Free Trial

Grammarly Premium Features

  • It gives you fruitful tips on the use of advanced words and sentences to make your writing advanced.
  • This is equipped with a tone as well as a formal level-checker.
  • As per the latest Grammarly review, it comes with Wordiness along with a thorough filter for vocabularies.
  • It is made of a plagiarism checker, which is integrated.
  • Moreover, it provides an inconsistent way of checking the styles.
  • This is built with a mechanism of Human Proofreading.

The free version of Grammarly examines all the major spelling as well as grammars, the premium version provides you the style as well as the vocabulary tips. It also provides a plagiarism checker which you can use as an alternative for Copyscape as well. 

This Premium version helps you to take out the overused words and find out the correct sentences. This makes you very clear and distinct while writing. Moreover, this helps you to find out inappropriate messages like the use of informal sentences in a school project or the use of non-inclusive languages.  

With all these, the premium version of Grammarly is a versatile tool if you are genuinely involved in writing quality content. Because of its multitasking features, this Premium version can be a great chore for creative writers as well as the businessman who writes business emails.

Corrects the Word Usage

This Premium version also finds out inappropriate use of words or poor usage of verbs. Together with the style tips, it can be a one-stop solution for all the budding writers. Also, this is not only used to rectify your writings but also takes out repetitive mistakes to create an impact on your writing style. Owing to so much of integrations, you can take this anywhere with you. 

Moreover, the premium version helps you to give your writing to the AI-enabled human proofreader for the purpose of review. It comes with some surplus costs and depends entirely on how fast you can grab this offer. This is because it comes with a Grammarly student discount for the early birds. 

The most important thing to note is that Grammarly is very viable when the tone of your writing is consistent. If there is a mix and match of formal and informal writing on a single article then it might ruin a creative piece and may confuse you. 


  • The advanced style checker makes your writing unique.
  • It gives sharpness to your writing.


  • It is useful for a particular type of writer.
  • There are some repetitive suggestions.

Plans for Paid Users

There are basically two plans for paid users. For the Grammarly premium, you can begin with a subscription of $11.66/month and this includes advanced tips as well as plagiarism checker meant for one user. One who wants to use Grammarly Business there should be a monthly payment of $15/month.

Grammarly Student Discount

There is a flat 25% grammarly student discount on all the Grammarly plans. In order to get access to it, you need to click on the discounted link on the official website. 

After that, you can jump onto the Go Premium button and you will find details of the 25% discount. This is valid for a single user. So anyone who wants to use it for long term purposes can buy this.

Unlock Various Discount Coupons

Grammarly Student Discount will surely help you to save the extra money which you thought of investing. However, thanks to this special discount offer, which has been given by Grammarly Inc. Also, these offers are for limited use only. If you face any difficulty, you need to visit the official website to know the details. 

Grammarly occupies a prominent position as per the critic’s review. Those who are into freelancing, their mode of communication has enhanced a lot. Freelance business writers have earned a huge reputation with the help of a premium version of Grammarly. Well, thanks to the advanced features offered by Grammarly. 

Moreover, as a whole, Grammarly is a versatile tool to make things easy for you. So everyone who wants to look for a Grammarly Student Discount should stick to this. Furthermore, it does what it claims for and can be a valuable aid for your writing career.

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