‘Trump is in the past’: The growing losses show the limits of power

Woodstock, ca. (AB) – Donald Trump It opened in May, ousting a backward Senate candidate in Ohio The Republican nomination confirms the former president’s kingmaker status before another possible White House. However, he ends the month with a series of failures This indicates a decrease.

Trump suffered a series of setbacks In Tuesday’s primary election, voters rejected his attempts to eliminate two key targets of revenge: both Georgia’s Republican governor and secretary of state, who rejected Trump’s extraordinary pressure to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. But the extent of the defeat in the governor’s race – by more than 50 percentage points – was particularly shocking and raised questions about whether Republican voters were starting to move away from Trump.

Nearly seven years after the one-time reality TV star appeared as an impossible campaign for the White House, the Trump-led “Make America Great Again” movement has gone nowhere. But voters are increasingly voicing that the party’s future is greater than Trump’s.

“I like Trump very much, but Trump is in the past,” said David Butler of Woodstock, Georgia, who voted for Governor Brian Kemp on Tuesday and said Trump’s approvals had “whatever” impact on his thinking.

The same was true of 22-year-old dental assistant Will Barbo, who voted for Kemb.

“I’m not really a Trump,” he said after the vote. “I did not like him starting. In all election matters, I was like ‘dude, moving’.

Did the current governor like a thing for Barbu? “Kemp is focusing on Georgia,” he said.

Trump sought to minimize the losses of his preferred candidates, saying on his social media site on Wednesday that there was “the biggest and most successful evening of political consensus” and stressed that some races could not be “won”.

However, it is difficult to ignore the pattern of top failures.

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The dynamics took a turn after JD Vance advanced from third to first place following Trump’s late recognition in the Ohio Senate primary. Trump nominee in the primary election for governor of Nebraska, Charles Herbster loses his race Following the accusation that he cheated on women.

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A week later in Idaho, he won a challenge backed by Governor Trump. In North Carolina, voters rejected Trump’s call for a second chance at a corrupt Congress.. And in Pennsylvania, a Marquee Senate primary The film, which stars Trump-backed celebrity heart surgeon Mohamed Oz, is very close.

But his biggest regret was that in Georgia, there was an important swing state, where the former Senate. David Burdo, who forced Trump to run and helped clear the field, lost to Kemp. After refusing to cancel the 2020 White House election results in his state, the governor is one of Trump’s key targets.

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger defies Trump’s call to “find” votes to change decision two years ago – call now under investigation – Won his party’s candidate. Attorney General Chris Carr and Insurance Commissioner John King – both opposed to Trump – won their primary.

In Alabama, Representative Moe Brooks canceled his Senate approval as Trump struggled to gain traction.Became runoffHe received support after Trump abandoned him.

Trump has endorsed nearly 200 races, from governor to county commissioner, especially to include himself in non-competitive contests and help increase his winning streak. Some of his work has paid off, even in races with multiple candidates.

His early support helped Herschel Walker become the best in football And Representative Ted Butt traveled to Georgia and the respective Senates in North Carolina for primary nominations. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s former press secretary, easily won the GOP nomination for governor of Arkansas. Even in Georgia, all the candidates Trump endorsed in the open races won or went to the runoffs.

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Some allies say Trump’s approval rating is a bad measure of his influence, even as Trump continues to promote that achievement.

Voters support the former president, who may be eager to run again, but may not be compelled by his choices, especially in races with governors such as Kemp, who has a long history with the electorate. Although Trump is not on the ballot, the party has changed in the image of Trump, with candidates accepting his “America first” base, following his tactics and parroting his lies about the stolen election.

But since Trump stepped down and was forced to post on his own social media site, other voices have begun to fill the void. Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, the most-watched personality on cable television, has become a driving force in the party. Republican Conspiracy Repression Representative Marjorie Taylor GreenThe man who won his party’s candidacy for re-election on Tuesday has taken off his blanket in Washington.

Meanwhile, Trump’s potential presidential contenders are waiting for 2024.

Former Vice President Mike PenceThe man, who distanced himself from Trump, marched with Kemp in suburban Atlanta on Monday evening and told the crowd that “elections are about the future” – which indirectly hit his former boss.

Trump has created a new generation of candidates to lead his “MAGA” brand, but he is doing so independently of his support and sees themselves as its next iteration.

“MAGA does not belong to him,” said Kathy Barnett, a Pennsylvania Senate candidate whose blunt rise shocked party insiders, in an interview. “Trump coined the word. He does not own it.”

He said the left could see the “Great Movement” as a “cult of the Trump electorate,” which he said was beyond one man. He argued that Trump won in 2016 because he linked himself to the concerns of the electorate and spoke out loud about what people already think, especially immigration. She said she tried to do the same in her race.

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“I hope Trump still has an important voice,” he added, but added that “he needs to get better advisers and he’s better at remembering why we joined him. It’s not because we agree with his values, but because he agrees with our values. And I think he has to remember it to make his voice appropriate.

Other Republicans accuse Trump of wasting precious time and money on his revenge campaign, forcing them to defend themselves in the primary instead of focusing on the general election. They are worried that Trump has raised some candidates who could not be selected in the November general election and widened the divide.

“Unnecessary fights like the party’s seriousness and Trump’s grievance party have made it difficult for us to win in November,” said Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. To protect incumbent governors.

Hogan, a Trump critic, said so far, the races were “a little mixed bag”.

“We are in the middle of a battle for the soul of the Republicans, frankly the war is not over yet,” he said. “I do not think we can say for sure. And I think we need to go through a lot more priorities. “

Others are more confident that Trump’s power has waned over time.

“Trump’s approval is helpful, but it’s not something anyone can put above.

Yet, despite that diminishing influence, he acknowledged that Trump was “still the most influential person in the party.”


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