Washington Post: FBI raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home for classified nuclear documents

People did not provide further details to the Post about “what kind of information agents are looking for” or whether any such documents were recovered.

The revelation adds important context to the Justice Department’s extraordinary decision to raid the former president’s home.

As per CNN reported earlier, a criminal investigation that began with concerns about the disappearance of documents raised by the National Archives made a criminal referral to the Justice Department after finding highly sensitive documents among items recovered from Mar-a-Lago in January. The 15 boxes contained some materials that are part of Special Access Programs (SAP), which includes a classification protocol that significantly restricts who can access the information, according to a source familiar with the archives found in the boxes that this week led to a court-authorized search and seizure of documents by the FBI along with aides to a grand jury. leading to interviews.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said Thursday that he “personally approved” the decision to seek a warrant to search Trump’s Florida home, though he declined to share specifics about the search.

“The department does not take such a decision lightly. It is standard practice, where possible, to seek less intrusive alternatives to searches and to narrow any search conducted,” Garland said at a news conference.

The Attorney General also said that the judicial department has filed the search warrant and property receipt in the court. will not be closed.

Trump said on his Truth Community site Thursday night that he “will not oppose the release of the documents” and added, “I will go a step further by encouraging the immediate release of those documents.”

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CNN reported earlier Thursday that Trump and his legal team had not yet reached a decision on how to respond to the Justice Department’s motion, according to a source familiar with their thinking.

After the search, top congressional Republicans rushed to Trump’s defense, a move that was portrayed as politically motivated. The former president has denied any wrongdoing, saying the investigation was intended to derail his potential bid to return to the White House.

In a pair of posts to TruthSocial following Garland’s statement, Trump continued to say that his lawyers were “fully cooperating” and had developed a “very good relationship” with federal investigators before Monday’s search at Mar-a-Lago.

The search warrant was authorized by a federal court, Garland said.

“Wrongfully disposing of classified documents is a federal crime. So if you fill out that affidavit, if you have to list the crime, you can list it as a felony,” said Eli Honig, a former federal and state prosecutor and an affidavit. A CNN senior legal analyst followed the search warrant.

This story was updated Friday with additional information.

CNN’s Tierney Sneed, Evan Perez, Hannah Rabinowitz and Zachary Cohen contributed to this report.

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